Friday, October 31, 2008

Beautiful Obama Poster!

By Artist Shepard Fairey (and I didn't realize he was the guy behing the "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" art -- I loved that!).

Look! Admire!!! Be Inspired!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Speaks With Obama!

I'm going to send you over to The Huffington Post for this short article and a couple of videos of MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow -- we love her! -- who was at Barack Obama's rally in Florida last evening.

The enlightened and appealing Maddow's star has been rising this political season, her ratings lately bumping up as high as CNN's venerable Larry King, and she deserves it! She's a fresh face, a ferocious mind and with enough humor and charm to sell it to the viewers -- and by "it" I mean her smart take on politics with a brilliantly liberal point-of-view. We need it!

Go! Watch!!! Volunter for Obama-Biden!!! Encourage Your Friends!!! VOTE!!!

Great Alternet Article on Ignorance in Politics

In case you've been pondering the weird reality that even in this world where Bush and the Republicans have screwed up almost everything they've touched -- and intentionally so most of the time -- that there are still 40% or so of Americans who would vote them in again. There's clearly one big reason, and this AlterNet article says it all: "The Triumph of Ignorance: How Morons Succeeded in U.S. Politics".

It won't make you feel any better after you read it, but it will give you more motivation to get out the vote for Obama and try to turn back the tide of the "dumb and proud" crowd. It's clear that with an Obama presidency, smarts will be back in style and brainpower will get working again all over America.

Have you paid attention to the horrible education statistics in the U.S.? Though overall high school graduation rates aren't too depressing -- but nowhere near 100% -- they are particularly grim in large cities and among minority and economically-disadvanted students. Somewhere only around half of them graduate, and of course these days a high school diploma is the very least a person needs in order to prosper at all. In addition to those who struggle to get an education, there are those who simply go through the motion and don't absorb anything, including the basic mechanism of how to think.

This isn't good, and it makes for a woefully uninformed public and voter base. Hence, you get voters who can't tell when they're being lied to -- they either don't care to find out or can't understand the simplest cause and effect relationship -- but they sure are susceptible to rabid smears and mindless chanted slogans like "Drill, Baby, Drill." I know I'm not the only one who finds that particular chant very nearly obscene -- ugly and ignorant at the same time.

Anyway, read the article, and hope that perhaps some of those uninformed citizens out there have kept enough common sense, at least, to recognize something good and something wise when it's in reach. And that something is a Barack Obama Presidency.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

"His Choice" -- Obama Ad

Short and to the point.

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Bill Clinton & Barack Obama in Florida, last night!

Former Pres. Bill Clinton took to the stage to campaign for Obama last night, in Kissimmee, Florida! Here is his terrific speech, in two parts:

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Obama Yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Obama goes after McCain's name-calling and skewers the McCain/Bush tax cuts for the wealthy! Plus he gets in an adorable little joke, too! Love that smile!

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Obama's TV Special from Last Night -- Tremendous!

"American Stories, American Solutions."

It was beautiful, it was moving, it was hopeful, it was wonderful. A terrific half-hour presentation, capped off with a live segment from Obama's Florida rally last night. In case you didn't see it, it is highly recommended viewing, and here it is:

Go!! Watch!!! Pass Long to Your Friends!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A President To Be Proud Of

Just came across this heartfelt and lovely video featuring the talented actress/comedienne Julia Sweeney and her daughter. I think you'll agree with both of them.

Isn't that a nice video? A President To Be Proud Of, indeed! This video was made under the auspices of Mamas For Obama. Check out their webpage here! As their slogan goes -- "Republicans Need a Time Out."

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A Little Springsteen for Obama

A musically-inspired Obama video using Bruce Springsteen -- "Obama, You Were Born To Run".

Video by YouTube member Lisasurfing. And yes, Bruce Springsteen is an Obama supporter!

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More Obama!

"Leaders Arise" -- A beautiful spot from the "Obama in 30 Seconds" Campaign putting our candidate into historical perspective.

Video by Paul Lisy.

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More "Obama in 30 Seconds"

Time for some more inspiration and courage as we head towards the finals days of this vigorous and so important election campaign.

Created by Kenny Alan Cramer.

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Great AlterNet Article on the Psychological Underpinnings of Politics

I've read several articles the past few months on this fascinating topic -- that people may be genetically hard-wired to certain reactions that impact what kind of politics they are drawn to. In a generalized nutshell, if you're easily scared, you might gravitate toward authority figures who make you feel safer, and tend to support Republicans. That's a huge over-simplification, but do read this great article on Alternet -- "Can You Guess a Person's Politics By Their Personality? Psychologist Team Says Yes" -- for some intriguing findings.

Are people born Democrats or Republicans? Obviously it's not that simple, but when they're describing Democrats -- creative, cluttered, curious -- I couldn't include myself out!

The implications for these findings are probably both good and bad. More understanding of what makes people tick and why could bridge some gaps, but also lead to evermore devious ways to manipulate emotions and push people's buttons. Clearly the McCain camp understands even at this point that many of their base supporters tend to respond to threats, fears and scares, because that's what they're throwing at them in these last days. Obama is countering with reasoned rhetoric and a hope that people will listen and understand and learn that what he offers them will be helpful and good for them and the country.

Completely fascinating stuff!

Go! Read!! Support Obama and Reason!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Yes We Can" by -- for Obama

Another moving and inspirational music video, by Black Eyed Peas founder

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"We Got the Mo" by the Rockabelles -- for Obama!

More Music! This time it's the adorable girl trio The Rockabelles with their catchy "We Got the Mo" written by Jim Allyn.

You Go, Girls!!

Go! Listen!!! Start Singing Your Own Obama Song!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

"Vote Obama" Music Video by Taz Arnold

It's time for some musical inspiration! Singer, musician, designer Taz Arnold -- also known as TI$A -- presents this Obama music video set on the streets of Los Angeles.

Go!! Watch!!! Get Your Vote On!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Stealing America: Vote by Vote -- You Must Watch This!

As I've written about here before, the very right to vote is up for grabs in America. Organizations such as Election Protection, Verified Voting Foundation, True Vote U.S., and bloggers like the courageous Brad Friedman from The Brad Blog have been tirelessly working to get out the word that there are people and parties out there who will tamper with your vote or try to keep you from even being able to vote at all

You must watch the documentary Stealing America: Vote by Vote. Go to their website here and you can watch the whole thing online. You have to make the time. I guarantee you will be depressed and enraged by the time it finishes, and then you have to figure out what you are going to do with that anger.

Visit the website for Stealing America: Vote by Vote and check here for screenings and TV broadcasts, including on Link TV.

The more you find out about this sorry state of affairs, the more worried you must become about the very notion of free elections in Americans. Privatizing voting machines? Counting votes is in the hands of private corporations? Nothing can change in America while elections are being manipulated.

What to do about this? Report anomalies, get everybody to show up and overwhelmly give a landslide of support to Obama. Stealing America's site has some suggestions for action. And then? See if America's system has any chance of being honest again. Gosh, but this is depressing stuff....

I will have more posts on this and check out this Brad Blog article for examples of what is happening in Tennessee right now and what you MUST do if it happens to you.

Go!! Watch!!! Be vigilant in protecting your right to vote!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Hope You've Got Your Obama Pumpkin Out!

Be sure to get your Obama pumpkin carved, and check out the latest of so many tremendously inspirational and adorable Barack O'Lanterns at Yes We Carve.

It's a truly beautiful thing! The photo above was taken at a Chicago "Bring Your Own Pumpkin" party last week. Don't you just want to know all these people and give them a hug?

Go! Look at the Pumpkins!!! Carve Your Own Pumpkin!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Obama Electrifies Denver, Colorado, Yesterday

Read this inspiring post from David Sirota on Huffington Post -- "The Moment Obama Grabbed 100,000 Coloradoans".

I think it will 1.) Make you wish you had been there and 2.) Make you proud to support Barack Obama, all over again.

Go! Read!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Michael Moore on "Larry King" -- Excerpts

You will want to take a look at this article from AlterNet highlighting some of the remarks he made during his appearance on CNN's Larry King last week. Not that LK is necessarily the place to go for cogent political thought, but Michael Moore got it right: "No More Socialism for the Rich!" One of my strongest criticisms of McCain is his insistence on continuing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and Moore really goes into this, plus the Wall Street bailout as the ultimate handout to the upper 5%.

Moore is powerful, and he's eloquent, and he's passionate, and he's right. Be sure to read the whole article for a stunning indictment of Bush and Cheney at the close.

Go! Read!! Support Your Local Democrats!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Link TV: Senator Obama Goes to Africa

The amazing little channel Link TV has been running the documentary Senator Obama Goes to Africa, about Obama's visit to his father's birthplace in Kenya. It's a fascinating look into Obama's committment to his African roots, and gives us another glimpse into this gifted politican who is also an empathetic individual with strong connections to the world at large.

If you are in the Eastern time period, it will air again tonight -- Sunday -- at 10pm and repeats at 5am.

This is highly recommended viewing!

Go! Watch!! Support Obama!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Palin Going Way Out There -- It's Crazy Talk Time

Palin's still out there trying to rouse up her massively uninformed and volatile fans -- and she's ramped up her loony rhetoric something fierce, as seen yesterday in Des Moines, Iowa:

Huffington Post has some good commentary on this latest brand of Republican scare tactics, designed to appeal to precisely the folks who are attracted to Palin's blathering.

Go! Watch!! Support the Truth!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Fake Assault Story from McCain Worker

Oh, boy...they are really getting pathetic and desperate now. The whole story about the McCain worker getting mugged and branded by a crazed Obama supporter -- well, it's a lie. She made it all up. Obviously the gal is seriously disturbed in more than a few ways, and we hope she gets help, but trying to turn her own distress into a racist political hoax is about the lowest we've heard so far.

Man, with a week to go, it look like it's going to get even uglier.

Go! Seek the truth!! Support our candidates!!! Vote Democratic!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Wassup? Change...

A revisit to those popular "Wassup?" ads from eight years ago, ending up with a surprisingly poignant new message.

I can't be the only one who's tremendously moved by the way all of us have embraced the notion of hope and change coming from Obama. It's all good.

Go! Watch!! Pass it On!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palin Gives a Pass to Clinic Bombers

I want to you to follow the link and read this article and watch the video connected with it. It's Sarah Palin being asked by NBC News' Brian Williams about her definition of terrorist.

For Ms. Palin, I guess it just depends on what you want to bomb, or what the politics are behind it. If you lean to the left, you're a terrorist. If you lean to the right, not so much.

If you're Bill Ayers from decades ago, you're a terrorist.

If you're a right-wing anti-choice zealot and you bomb a clinic,'s different. Especially when the lady deciding is anti-choice, too.

This is not a candidate in line with any but the most extreme anti-choice zealots out there. And don't think that this isn't an issue that she and McCain don't intend to push.

As we focus on the economy and everything else that the Bush years have managed to screw up, please remember that McCain-Palin are everything that Bush was, only much worse, in every way.

Go! Watch and Read!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Endorsement Round-Up

We know some terrific and well-deserved endorsements of Obama for President have been coming in from all over the U.S., from all sides. Here are a just a few:

The New Yorker, in their issue of October 13: The Choice

The Los Angeles Times, from October 19th: Barack Obama for President

The Chicago Tribune, from October 17th: Tribune Endorsement: Barack Obama for President

Christopher Buckley, from The Daily Beast (and formerly National Review) : Sorry Dad, I'm Voting for Obama

For a truly exciting list of the endorsements so far, from organizations and individuals from all over the spectrum, check out this site. Also the blog Obama Endorsements has been keeping up with all the progress, as well as featuring the pertinent text; they are an excellent source!

Let us savor these endorsements while continuing to fight to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

Go! Read! Learn! Appreciate! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ron Howard's Call To Action!

I've gotta say -- this is adorable.

Classic television and smart politics -- what a beautiful combination!

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Sarah Palin's Qualifications

Sure, it's from last month, but it's still totally relevant, in addition to being pretty damned funny -- if it weren't that there are people out there who still listen to her programmed riffs filled with tired and duplicitous Republican platitudes. But anyway, here it is -- from Jimmy Kimmel's show:

They didn't even know at the time they made this how truly bloodthirsty she'd turn out to be!

Go! Watch!! Fight against Sarah Palin's lies!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

And Just in Case You Don't Believe the Republicans Will Do Anything...

Please read this story on CNN about Allen Raymond, a GOP operative who went to prison for his illegal activities in a previous election.

Don't think there isn't a whole army of Raymonds out there right now preparing to attack on this election day.

Please take a look at my previous posts about election fraud and the organizations who are working to protect against it. If you see any sign of this going on, speak up!!!

Go!!! Learn!!! Protect Your Vote and Those of Your Fellow Citizens!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!!

Our Best to Obama and his Grandmother

As our candidate takes a couple of days off to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii, we wish them both all the best.

Barack Obama is a man of principle, intelligence and heart.

We know that the vicious Republican robocalls won't stop -- Guliani, you should be ashamed of yourself -- and the lies won't stop spewing out from the McCain camp, but in every way we must all fight them all and continue our support of Obama!

Go! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Populist Darling Goes Swanky Shopping -- on the RNC

Hope you're following the fascinating revelation about the Sarah Palin clothes-buying spree that went on shortly after her nomination. Now, it isn't about the economy -- well, it actually is -- or the environment, or other really important issues, but it is about a wolf dressing up in sheep's clothing, only sheep don't usually spend $150,000 on clothing in a few weeks. And what about those trips on the Alaska taxpayers dime, for her family members? This lady doesn't know the meaning of the word "ethics" and is quite happy to change the rules to suit herself. Fighting for regular Americans? Um...I don't think so. This lady's fighting for herself, make no mistake about it. The people are just her stepping stones.

I get a whiff of Marie Antoinette here -- let everybody else wear Wal Mart clothes, right? I'm sure those folks out there crying "Huzzah!" every time they see this faux-populist princess out there would just love to know that she's been tarted up something fierce, all the better for them to adore her. Though we know the Governor of Alaska didn't go around in rags before, it must have been tough to measure up to the duds on the back of McCain's 100 Million $$$ wife Cindy.

You know what this is really about? It's about a guy who's been the child of privilege all his life -- the son and grandson of Navy Admirals -- getting a break all during his schooling (just like the current Prez), being a shitty student at that, and having the bad military but good political luck to get shot down -- and he wasn't the only American in a Prison Camp, just the only one who really wants to be President -- and finding himself an ultra-wealthy younger wife, and now pretending to be one of the people. "My Friends" he calls his followers. "You Chumps" would do just as well.

It's also about a pretty lady, also not the best at school, but with killer competitive instincts, who used her looks to enter beauty pageants, and become a TV sportscaster, and then dabble in local politics and somehow propel herself -- using all those skills learned -- into the Governor's mansion in a state filled with not only upstanding citizens but with a whole gaggle of loonies who were courted by this gun-totin' guv'nor.

When McCain's corrupt campaign crew came calling, this ill-equipped but completely self-confident lady didn't hesitate to declare herself qualified to lead, by virtue of nothing else but bravado. That, plus a manufactured "aw shucks" lingo trotted out to disarm those who come to hear her, thrilled that someone so utterly intellectually ordinary, so totally uninformed, so viscerally cruel -- if you're a creature of the earth -- so crazy radically religious, could ever end up on a podium running for Vice President.

Sarah Palin's a lie, John McCain is a lie, and it's most sad to see his descent into mendacity. This one-time intelligent man who dared to walk his own path now has abandoned all his previous criticisms of the Republican Right and has become their doormat, doing and saying anything to help them retain their hold on the White House.

The Palin clothing story is all about the image vs. the reality -- the lies vs. the truth -- the personal ambition vs. the hope for all Americans.

Sarah Palin is a dangerous power-hungry right-wing follower who intends to do immeasurable harm to American democracy, and she won't stop there.

John McCain has abandoned his principles.

It doesn't get much sadder than that.

Don't let this pair get anywhere close to the White House.

Go! Learn!! Read!! Do Not Believe the Republican Lies!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Election Protection -- You Have the Right To Vote

Another excellent resource for the latest in voter information and for reporting any irregularities that you may encounter is the non-partisan organization ELECTION PROTECTION, and their excellent website.

They have up-to-date information and are maintaining round-the-clock vigilance to ensure that all Americans can exercise their right to vote.

Most importantly, they have a hotline -- 1-866-OUR VOTE (1-866-687-8683) -- where you can report any voting problems, and you certainly should if you encounter any.

There is also a version en espanol available here: Ve Y Vota and the hotline is 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota (1-866-839-8682).

We also have a direct link to their site on our sidebar.

It's a very real possibility that anyone -- especially new voters and Obama voters -- may encounter problems voting this year. The stakes are high and there are people out there trying to discourage you and invalidate your vote. Do not allow this to happen! Report any irregularities and do not be intimidated!

Go! Learn!! Be Strong!!! Vote!!! Help Others to Vote!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Republicans Resort to Lies to Taint Voters -- Surprised??

Please watch this short film from Brave New Films which debunks the spurious and desperate current Republican smears on voter registration.

If the Republicans can't win honestly, they do not hesitate to use every dirty trick in the book. They've done it before, and they'll try to do it again. Read this article from Monday detailing the McCain campaign's employment of a notorious right-wing voter suppression specialist. It will turn your stomach.

There is nothing more disgusting than what the Republicans have up their sleeve, and we have to remain vigilant! Any efforts by them to suppress votes have to be met with resistance and brought into the open. As the film says: Do Something!!! Any instance of voter irregularity must be reported to the Secretary of State's office in your state. Here is a list of phone numbers for them all.

How can this kind of voter intimidation be tolerated in America? What has this nation turned into? Face it -- the Republicans don't want to give up the power, and anything is fair game. They are already sending operatives to the early voting sites to cause havoc. They must be stopped!

For more information on all on going voter issues, visit the tremendously informative The BRAD BLOG.

Go! Watch!!! Pass This Around!!! Be Aware!!! Fight for Your Right to Vote!!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yes We Carve!!!

An absolutely inspirational video you must watch!

This is the best idea ever for Halloween and we all need to go out and buy a pumpkin and show our support for Obama!!!

Visit the website for Yes We Carve here for more photos, instructions, stencils!!

Go! Buy Your Pumpkin!!! Carve for Obama!!! Volunteer for Obama!!!!

A Moose Speaks Out on Palin


Go!! Watch!!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!!

I'm Feeling We Need More Videos Today

So here's another one on the Bush-McCain link. As a classic television fan, of course I love the theme music used:

Go! Watch!!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!!

The Bush-McCain Challenge, from John Cusack

Don't believe the line that McCain isn't George Bush; they're in lockstep and if you throw Palin into the mix it gets really scary.

Go! Watch!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!!

Top 5 Reasons Obama Supporters Shouldn't Rest Easy

You KNOW I don't trust the Republicans at all, and you shouldn't give them an inch, and I'm not the only one. Here are's --


1. The polls may be wrong. This is an unprecedented election. No one knows how racism may affect what voters tell pollsters—or what they do in the voting booth. And the polls are narrowing anyway. In the last few days, John McCain has gained ground in most national polls, as his campaign has gone even more negative.

2. Dirty tricks. Republicans are already illegally purging voters from the rolls in some states. They're whipping up hysteria over ACORN to justify more challenges to new voters. Misleading flyers about the voting process have started appearing in black neighborhoods. And of course, many counties still use unsecure voting machines.

3. October surprise. In politics, 15 days is a long time. The next McCain smear could dominate the news for a week. There could be a crisis with Iran, or Bin Laden could release another tape, or worse.

4. Those who forget history... In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote after trailing by seven points in the final days of the race. In 1980, Reagan was eight points down in the polls in late October and came back to win. Races can shift—fast!

5. Landslide. Even with Barack Obama in the White House, passing universal health care and a new clean-energy policy is going to be hard. Insurance, drug and oil companies will fight us every step of the way. We need the kind of landslide that will give Barack a huge mandate.

MoveOn has many ways you can get involved in this election. Visit their website for more information!

Go! Read! Support Obama!!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden during these last two weeks of the race!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

More from Colin Powell on Obama Endorsement

You will want to watch this impromptu interview with Gen. Colin Powell after the announcement of his endorsement of Barack Obama for President.

Now that's a statesman. Thank You, Gen. Powell!

Go! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Michael Moore on C-SPAN from 9/18/08

I caught a tremendous speech by filmmaker Michael Moore on C-SPAN2 "Book TV" yesterday, and I recommend that you also take a look at it. It's over an hour, so just maybe open it up and keep it running as you do other things on the computer, but it's so worth it to hear his passionate words. They are even more relevant than they were a month ago, coming just after the financial crisis hit, and he will inspire you and make you proud to be an Obama supporter.

He was publicizing his latest book Mike's Election Guide 2008, and I also recommend that you visit his website to learn more about it.

Here is the direct link to the speech in C-SPAN's archives; you need to click on the big red Flash video button on the right side of the page where it says "Watch" and a small window to view it will open.

Go! Watch!! Learn!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gen. Colin Powell Endorses Obama for President!

Important endorsement from a man who is a great American -- Pro-American enough for anyone out there, one would think.

Thank you to Gen. Powell for this wise decision!

Go! Watch! Learn!! Be Proud!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Are You Pro-American Enough for Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann?

Perhaps you haven't watched this clip from Chris Matthews' show Hardball on MSNBC, with Rep. Bachmann of Minnesota trying to paint Obama's "true beliefs" as not pro-American enough, and that he "pals around" with terrorists. (That last lie which was answered at the debates, by the way. Wasn't McCain listening?)

Liberal = Anti-American?

Liberal = Leftist = Anti-American?

Do you think you're Pro-American enough for these two ladies? Not live in a small town? If not, you're not Sarah Palin's kind of American. Not nearly Pro-American enough for couldn't love America nearly enough if you're not on their side.

And how do you like those robo-calls the McCain campaign is putting out there? Enough lies in there? Nice and smeary aren't they? Ugly, too. Perfect stuff for three weeks before the election.

Desperate. Scary. Untrue. Pathetic. The Republicans are scraping the bottom of the barrel, and they want undecided Americans to lick it up. It's all they've got left, but it's happening and it's wrong.

Go! Read! Watch! Learn!! Reject Republican scare tactics!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!

Wow! Doesn't This Look Great! Crowd of 100k for Obama in St. Louis!!

This is thrilling! Read the follow-up article here!
Go! Read! Learn! Volunteer!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Follow-up to Yesterday's Post about Roe v. Wade

Please read this excellent article from AlterNet -- "McCain Mocks Women's Health", written by Peggy Simpson -- expanding on the issues I brought up yesterday regarding McCain's views on choice for women.

McCain's hardly a "maverick" regarding Republican views on pro-choice matters (or anything else, as far as that goes), and he picked a running mate with an even more radical agenda on the subject. A McCain/Palin administration, wrong for so many reasons, would put chilling damper on the issue of women's choice for many years to come. Has there ever been so much at stake for women? This is not the time to be handing over the Presidency to a pair of radical anti-choice advocates.

Is the right thing for this country a pair of snide idealogues (though Palin's ideas as such are thinly-disguised Rovian stragegy ploys) who delight in mocking and bullying voters on these very important issues? Does McCain not realize that his words were intensely revealing and show a man whose contempt for women is quite possibly boundless? Ick. And then, when his party has many genuinely qualified women who could share a Presidential ticket and gather honest respect, he goes for the ex-beauty queen, governor of a hardly-typical state, a follower of tundra secessionists, a woman who displayed cronyism in her official appointments on a level that rivals George Bush, who's abused her power of office, who holds religious views that are so far out of the mainstream that even most evangelicals think she's way out there. McCain and his handlers have used Sarah Palin as bait to attract the semi-liberated woman, women who don't mind having a little money and power but ultimately defer to the males around them for acceptance.

And ladies, if you think they'll allow you to make your own choice about your own bodies when they're in power, think again. Those rights are toast.

This is genuinely scary stuff. I'm glad it got out there and it should change some people's minds.

Go! Read! Learn!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okay, Ladies...You Have Your Line in the Sand Re: Choice

I'm assuming everybody watched last night's final Presidential Debate. I realize the media has to put on an unbiased face, but everytime someone pundited "McCain's got to hit a home run here..." I wanted to ask "Why?" Because he's somehow been misjudged by the public? Because his message has been throttled? Because he's been treated unfairly by the media? He's the only candidate with a whole network devoted to his victory, what else can he expect? No, McCain is down because his policies are not the right ones for America in its hour of need, and the American public deserves better than what he's thrown out there as his VP Candidate. And after his performance last night in the debate, don't doubt that Ms. Palin would be far too close to the Oval Office if McCain wins. It's not the only deciding factor you need to vote for Obama, but it's a damned good one and chilling in its ramifications, if ignored.

You've no doubt seen the photos showing how George Bush has aged during his presidency; do you honestly think McCain could handle even one term? In addition to a million other reasons, this is no time to be putting anyone even close to the office who isn't the best we can get out there. This is no country for old men, not this time. This is no country for woefully underqualifed running mates cast in the role to appeal to a cynically-targeted slice of the Republican base. (Obama was a little soft on Palin last night, but why should he say anything when everything she says herself is argument enough against her? )

But really...unless you're cool with the notion of America going back to a time when back-alley abortions were the only choice for women, when there were no legal options for an unwanted pregnancy, when you -- as a woman carrying a child -- and what you wanted to do didn't matter -- then you pretty much saw it all out there last night, as McCain and Obama finally discussed Roe v. Wade and the abortion rights issue.

It's clear what McCain will try to do: Overturn Roe v. Wade. The End. He wasn't even willing to agree with Obama that there is a common ground which could work toward lessening the need for abortions -- contraception and education. The most telling and dire moment from McCain: his dismissive air quotes around the notion of "health of the mother". Ladies, in the McCain/Palin view, you don't matter. It's not up to you, or your doctor. You have no rights -- they all belong to the unborn. We all know that Palin holds ultra-extreme views on abortion -- no abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Don't fool yourself that McCain feels any differently about the matter. These two are in lockstep on this issue and it's a big one.

This certainly isn't a one-issue election, but the Republicans have an agenda here that's going to affect the legal status of abortion choice for decades to come. Maybe you're a young woman who's always grown up in a world where you knew that, worst come to worst, if you needed to end a pregnancy it would be possible for you to do so. That choice was there for you. Can you imagine an America where that isn't the case? Where those little pregnancy pee-on tests showing positive could send the deadliest chill through you if you knew you had no way out? Where what you wanted and needed to do, what your choice would be to deal with your own life, meant absolutely nothing?

If you're an older woman, do you want do have your choice taken away? Do you want to live in a an America where someone else -- because they clearly don't trust themselves to make their own complex moral decisions with a clear head, and on their own -- has decided that you shouldn't have a choice either? Would you want your children or grandchildren or nieces or sisters or friends to live in a world without choice? And if you're very old, and are no longer at risk for pregnancy, don't say "whew!" and be thankful that things are going to unravel when you no longer need to worry about that stuff. If you are a woman, you have to worry about all the other women who come after you and need the same options as you enjoyed. Don't be selfish with this basic right of choice.

Here is the pertinent section from the debate:

Listen to McCain sneer the phrase "health of the mother" in this debate. This is a guy who has it out for you, ladies of choice. Your health? Please...don't bother John McCain with that old ploy. He's obviously heard it all before, and he's not standing for it. Roe v. Wade is going down if it's up to him and his fanatic running-mate.

Ladies, those were fighting words. I hope you heard them as loudly as I did.

Watch! Listen!! Learn!!! Volunteer to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A List of "What Ifs" for the Election

This post comes from an email I received -- can't find the original source -- but it presents a relevant factor in this election in a concrete context:

Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin, what if things were switched around?

Would the country's collective point of view be different? Could racism be the culprit? Ponder the following:

What if the Obamas had paraded five children across the stage, including a three month old infant and an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter?

What if John McCain was a former president of the Harvard Law Review?

What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?

What if McCain had only married once, and Obama was a divorcee?

What if Obama was the candidate who left his first wife after a severe disfiguring car accident, when she no longer measured up to his standards?

What if Obama had met his second wife in a bar and had a long affair while he was still married?

What if Michelle Obama was the wife who not only became addicted to pain killers but also acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?

What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard?

What if Obama had been a member of the Keating Five? (The Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s.)

What if McCain was a charismatic, eloquent speaker?

What if Obama couldn't read from a teleprompter?

What if Obama was the one who had military experience that included discipline problems and a record of crashing seven planes? And was never given a command position.

What if Obama was the one who was known to display publicly, on many occasions, a serious anger management problem?

What if Michelle Obama's family had made their money from beer distribution?

What if the Obamas had adopted a white child?

You could easily add to this list.

If these questions reflected reality, do you really believe the election numbers would be as close as they are?

This is what racism does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes positive qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative qualities in another when there is a color difference.

Educational Background:

Barack Obama:
Columbia University - B.A. Political Science with a Specialization in International Relations.
Harvard - Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude

Joseph Biden: University of Delaware - B.A. in History and B.A. in Political Science. Syracuse University College of Law - Juris Doctor (J.D.)


John McCain:
United States Naval Academy - Class rank: 894 of 899

Sarah Palin:
Hawaii Pacific University - 1 semester
North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study
University of Idaho - 2 semesters - journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester
University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in Journalism

Education isn't everything, but this is about the two highest offices in the land as well as our standing in the world. You make the call.
Makes some excellent points, doesn't it? I think we realize from listening to rabid McCain followers at his rallies that racism is alive and well in America, and that the election of Barack Obama would be one of the greatest things the nation could do toward trying to move beyond it.
Go! Read! Investigate! Volunteer!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Congratulations to Paul Krugman on his Nobel Prize!

Our heartiest congrats to economist Paul Krugman for his newly-announced win of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences! In addition to his well-deserved win, Krugman is also a professor of Economics at Princeton University and the mind behind one of our favorite blogs, The Conscience of a Liberal, which he writes for The New York Times.

In addition to all that, he's a frequent and very welcome guest expert on television, and never fails to give brilliant observations while at the same time displaying a charming wry sense of humor that makes you laugh even as he's leading you unerringly to facing the grim truth of things. To prove my point, here are a couple of his appearances, first on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, and then in a clip which we've featured before, from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, from about three weeks ago. Of course, he's a little more amusing on Maher's show, but he has such an approachable demeanor no matter what, and is able to talk about economics in a way that assures us that this guy knows his stuff, and how. He's great:

Let's see. A brilliant guy, the perfect choice, just won something important and world-shaking. Might this be a good sign for us? I'm crossing my fingers.

Watch! Read Paul Krugman! Appreciate that America has such minds as this! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bill Maher & Guests on Sarah Palin This Past Friday

On the last Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, The Simpsons' writer Dana Gould is brilliant and hilarious, Rep. Maxine Walters is wise, and Wall Street Journal reporter Stephen Moore is a Republican apologist who's obviously made up his mind to support whatever his Party puts out there, even validating and making excuses for Sarah Palin. It's shocking to watch:

"Why are feminists not behind Sarah Palin?" the besotted WSJ writer asks, surely not seriously. I would venture to put forth a generalization, that most/all feminists are educated, serious, pro-choice, pro-sex education, pro-rape-kit reimbursal, and all the other things that Palin is not. Feminists tend not to be quite so crazy about women who use their feminine "charms" -- if you find winks and golly gee vacant blinks fetching -- empty platitudes and innuendos to get ahead, instead of having the right stuff and triumphing through achievement.

When I hear a guy like Moore babbling on about Palin -- "She'll be the first Woman President!" -- you want to shake him and say "Is that all you think this country deserves?" Is this whole thing a joke to people like him? I thought he was a pompous jackass.

Here's my own take on that supposed "sex appeal" angle for Palin:

In what mythical world does a right-wing, gun-loving, bible-thumping redneck man want to have some woman telling him what to do? Of course, she's one of the few women around who hates women as much as these fellers do, deep down. I can hear them now: "Teach those rape victims what for, how dare they get free po-lice tests...we wuz only having a good time..fuck her, anyway." "Choice? I don't think so. When a gal gets pregnant, tough shit. We love babies and all...right, sure we do, whatever...but the fact that we can fuck up a woman's life and she doesn't get a say, that's what we REALLY like about being pro-life."

I believe that there must have been some magical right-wing email going around -- and we know that's where these nutjobs get all their information and marching orders; you know, that's where they found out that Obama is an Arab, and is a Muslim, and is a terrorist, and so forth. Well, I think one of those emails went around saying something like this:


If the Sarah Palin/John McCain ticket wins, Sarah Palin is going to make a personal visit to every right-wing man who only voted for her because he thought she was some hot -- and give him a blow job as a thank you for electing her

Please pass this email to all your friends, colleagues and menfolk to encourage them to vote for our Sarah, because you know normally with a mouthy bitch like her they'd rather smack her in the teeth, right? Bless you.

I just don't know what else to think.

Go! Read! Watch! Volunteer!!!

Horrifying Developments from the McCain Campaign Drive, and A Sign of Sanity from the Senator

Uhhh....well, I must say, this is a sign of the old, fair-talking McCain. But at what cost? Just look at this and come to your own conclusions...

Of course, how else could McCain react in the face of such bald-faced, ass-picking ignorance? Nothing could be more truly frightening than the reactions of these supporters of his, which is surely a direct result of the McCain campaign's slander of Barack Obama in any and all ways. That includes Sarah Palin referring to him as "That One," her supporters referring to Obama while underlining his middle name Hussein, and campaign ads mentioning Obama's one-time appearance on the same stage as former 60s radical activist William Ayers.

This is the most sickening display of ignorance and hate since the pre-Civil Rights days. I personally am dumbfounded by these...well, let's call them what they are: fucking idiots. Look at the goober, duh-whaaaa??? faces of these people as McCain tries to put out the fires his campaign has started. Listen to the boos, and the sound of disappointment as McCain tries to quell their out-of-control fears, and tries to stick up for Obama's worth as a citizen and a candidate. One thing is worth saying: it even seems as if Senator McCain has had enough of this, that he knows he's done wrong on this campaign trail, and that he sees the writing on the wall: if his campaign continues on this path, and makes people fearful ENOUGH, we could have a situation that could erupt into violence against Barack Obama. And then McCain/Palin would quite visibly have blood on their hands. And, believe me, it would all then be over for the United States in more ways than one.

Here now is our girl, Rachel Maddow, and her piece on this extraordinary but somehow inevitable development:

And, finally, here are some warnings and encouraging words from presidential histoiran Doris Kearnes Goodwin, on the same show.

I'm not a praying man. But I will be praying for the safety every day of our candidate, Barack Obama. And, religious or not, right or left, you should keep him in your prayers, too. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Maureen Dowd Column Today in NY Times

"Mud Pies for 'That One'" -- about the degradation of McCain and Palin's campaign. In examining McCain's descent into a steamy cesspool of lies and vicious attacks, she makes this point about Republican tactics, specifically the philosophy espoused by the late Lee Atwater, the Republican strategist who inspired Karl Rove (and who died of a brain tumor at 40 years of age, not before apologizing for some of his most egregious campaign smears):

"Atwater relished teaching rich, white Republicans to feign a connection to the common man so they could get in office and economically undermine the common man."

This is a point that I keep making to anybody who isn't a billionaire and still supports the Republicans. How can you people tolerate being chumps for this gang of economic robber barons? The Republicans will say anything, give lip-support to whatever homey platitude makes "regular folks" feel comfortable, all the while plundering the U.S. and taking whatever they can for their well-heeled and overwhelmingly greedy high-income base. Throwing a religious fanatic like Sarah Palin into the mix is a classic example of misdirection. At the same time as they are wailing "Praise Jesus" and assuring you that under their rule we'll win wars and win 'em good and stop men kissing other men, they are stealing your future, picking your pockets and laughing all the way to the, bank.

The vast majority of those supporting McCain-Palin -- those who are doing so only because they believe that this carefully crafted duo is "just like me" and that Sarah Palin could keep America safe and sound until the Armageddon -- and who are certainly not economically benefitting from Republican rule are simply being fleeced like the rubes at a slick traveling carnival. The McCain-Palin ticket is a perfect representation of the two sides of the Republicans: the over-stuffed, extremely well-off rich white men, who will sell their souls to keep what they've got, country and honor and everything else be damned -- the "I've Got Mine, Fuck You" contingent -- and the overly-religious, scared-to-death, non-thinkers who are willing to exchange superstition for cogent thinking. That the latter half of the party can't understand what the former half is doing to them is mind-boggling.

You're being used, suckers. And you're falling for it, again. Don't you ever learn? Can't you think clearly for at least a few minutes and figure out how you've being bamboozled? Sarah Palin isn't like you, not unless you are a conniving, vicious, know-nothing-and-proud-of-it kook with far more pure seething ambition than either principles or brains.

All the rest of us can do is shake our heads and hope that these deluded folks will come to their senses. After Obama's impressive performance in last night's debate, and more importantly, McCain's far less impressive one, it is so clear which one of these gentlemen is equipped with the wisdom, knowledge and temperament to lead this nation in this most trying of times. We need someone whose every aspect of mind and heart will be working for us full-time.

We need Barack Obama.

Go! Read! Learn! Understand! Volunteer!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Politico Laffs, This Time from Sarah Silverman is the name of comedian Sarah Silverman's new website devoted to getting out the Obama vote in the crucial state of Florida. Her method for getting this done? Watch, learn and giggle--and then, if you happen to be Jewish, be a mensch and give your bubbe in Florida a call.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

Catching Up on Rolling Stone's Great Election Coverage

High praise is due to Rolling Stone magazine for their insistent and excellent coverage of this election. Those of us who don't manage to get our hands on a copy of the print version can catch up online on RS's terrific website, and there are several recent do-not-miss articles that must be read, immediately:

Matt Taibbi's scathing expose on Sarah Palin, a savagely brilliant piece of writing full of amazing ideas like this one: "...most Americans no longer have the energy to do anything but lie back and allow ourselves to be jacked off by the calculating thieves who run this grasping consumer paradise we call a nation." The article is called "Mad Dog Palin -- The scariest thing about John McCain's running-mate isn't how unqualified she is-- it's what her candidacy says about America." Read it!

Tim Dickinson's "Make-Believe Maverick -- A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty." this, now.

"The Double-Talk Express -- from tax cuts to torture, John McCain has flip-flopped on a host of issues -- including his own immigration bill."

"The Truth About Sarah Palin -- Sarah Palin's credentials as a 'reformer' are nothing but spin."

These are many more articles are available online, including from their Campaign 2008 page.

Go! Read! Understand! Get Mad! Volunteer!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Be Sure to Read Robert Reich's Blog Today

The wonderful Mr. Reich gives his take on the aftermath of the bailout -- The Meldown, Part 1. I don't know if it will make you feel any better...probably not...but he does offer that Obama understands the situation at hand but that any solution or easing of the panic is far away, for now.


Go! Read! Contemplate! Volunteer!!!

CNN's "The Next President: A World of Challenges" Special

Referenced and recommended several times by Garry Shandling on Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher, The Next President: A World of Challenges, on CNN a couple of weeks ago, was an hour special featuring a discussion with five former Secretaries of State, hosted by fellow Maher-guest Christiane Amanpour and correspondent Frank Sesno. The topic was the global situation facing the next President; Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Warren Christopher shared the stage to share their wisdom and experience with us all.

In case you missed it -- as I did -- you can watch Part One by clicking here, and watch Part Two by clicking here. Take the time to catch up with this extremely important special which evidently found all the honored guests agreeing on the course of action that must be followed by the new President. Guess which candidate has a plan that comes closest to their advice? It's not the so-called Maverick, that's for sure.

Foreign policy is an area in which we all need to become better informed, and this serious hour will help us get there. Thanks, CNN! And thanks to Garry Shandling for mentioning this on Maher's show!

Go! Watch! Learn! Volunteer!!

The Arizona Kid: John McCain and His Gambling Ways

The following documentary, produced by the Obama/Biden ticket on the eve of a massive, negative personal swipe at Obama's past experience currently gestating in the McCain/Palin camp, details John McCain's involvement in the Savings and Loan scandals that rocked America back in the early 1990s. This abomination, which ruined the lives of almost 25,000 investors and cost American taxpayers billions of dollars (taxpayers whom McCain advisor/cohort, former Republican Senator Phil Gramm, famously mocked as "a nation of whiners"), is only the baby version of the street-quaking economic crisis in which we now find ourselves.

And, yet once again, Americans are being stuck with the bill.

The key thing that this doc does is remind us that McCain (then a Representative for the state of Arizona) was one of the five political figures brought before Congress to answer to their relationship with Charles Keating, the now-jailed figurehead of the S&L scandal. Do you remember that? I didn't. But I now know.

McCain has gotten into bed with some of the biggest crooks ever to see the light of day. Couple this with the recent New York Times article detailing McCain's relationship with now-jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff over their bilking of the Indian casinos (which paints a pretty piss-poor picture of McCain as a inveterate gambler), and we begin to see the true John McCain: a greedy, profligate spender with no notion of right or wrong.

And still he goes on, with not a care given to the American people who have to pay for his shit.

"Who's My Little Maverick?" by Thom Rutledge

Please read this piece on Open Salon by author Thom Rutledge. It's another incisive and scathing take on Sarah Palin's targeted image, and it's also quite funny. But don't think there isn't a message here; Rutledge is ultimately taking to task the American voters who are being cajoled by this sub-par candidate into submission and approval. Don't let it happen!

Go! Read! Shake Your Head in Disbelief! Agree That It's True! And VOLUNTEER!!!!

Parsing Palin's Persona

There's an amazing and 100% blood-chilling article on AlterNet by Jill Hussein about Sarah Palin's particular brand of personal ambition, and it's horrifying and undeniable. It's a corollary to Bill Maher's excellent rant from my previous post here, so be sure you watch that for yet another view on SP's disqualifications, which are many.

You will also want to listen to this excellent excerpt from Air America radio's Clout program hosted by Richard Greene. In this segment -- "Palin-tology" -- he explains the two sides of Sarah Palin. He's dead right about what Palin has been specifically programmed to do and say, and what that means to the United States and this presidential race. This show is from last Friday, the day after the Vice-Presidential debate.

Of course the overall choice is between Obama and McCain, but the presence of this woman on the Republican ticket has many implications and none of them can be ignored or underestimated.

Read! Watch! Listen! Volunteer for Obama-Biden NOW!!!

Great Post by Alec Baldwin on Huffington Post

Check out this excellent blog by Alec Baldwin reflecting on his appearance this past Friday on HBO's always entertaining and engaging Real Time with Bill Maher. Baldwin was excellent on the show, but gives great credit to co-guest Garry Shandling for the best line of the night. I wanted to hear more from Baldwin, frankly; he's strong and unsparing when he speaks and writes, and absolutely compelling. Smart, passionate, serious -- he really is somebody to be proud of as an example as an involved artist.

CNN's Christiane Amanpour was also a guest, and you don't get much smarter than she is, but I felt she was a little too supportive of Sarah Palin's symbolic place on a Presidential ticket, citing all the high-ranking women in other countries. All well and good, but that the U.S. has such a lightweight, obviously unqualified and cynically chosen -- to reflect and appeal to a specific radical slice of the demographic out there -- lady on the ticket doesn't say anything good about the state of the U.S. and what we'll settle for. Amanpour put forward that she felt she needed to defend the notion of her on the ticket, but liking the idea of having a woman on the ticket certainly doesn't mean that it should have been this woman, or just any woman. And that's just about what we've got in Sarah Palin. I just love it when somebody refers to her, boastfully, to boost her up, as the governor of the "biggest state in the nation." Since when do we measure qualifications by the square foot? Yikes.

I will leave you with Maher's "New Rules" segment, which starts out with a few assorted funny bits then seques into a cogent and frightening riff on Sarah Palin's extreme religious views. Maher makes it funny, but he's also dead-on and it's scary stuff.

There are quite a few clips from this week's Real Time with Bill Maher on YouTube right now, and the whole show repeats many times during the week, until the new show on Friday.

Go! Read! Watch! Get Involved! Volunteer!!!

Because We Need a Few Laughs --

The Saturday Night Live version of the Biden-Palin Debate:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vincent Bugliosi on George W. Bush, Murderer.

I just spent this summer dispelling a myth that lived in a lot of people's heads. The myth: John F. Kennedy was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, but by a conspiracy that may have involved Communists, the CIA, the FBI, Lyndon Johnson, the military-industrial complex, white supremacists, and many more possible participants. For almost 50 years, this well-known battle has been raging in the hearts and minds of left- and right-wingers alike. I must admit: I fell on the side of the conspirators (though I always thought Oswald pulled the trigger). But now, after reading Vincent Bugliosi's incredible 1612-page tome Reclaiming History, I know that it indeed was L.H. Oswald that committed, by himself, with no help from any other party, the greatest crime of the 20th Century.

Reclaiming History is a victory for America. It lays to rest any doubts any of us, including myself, might have had about the murder of JFK. It was, indeed, the act of a lone nut. When I finished reading the book, I felt a heavy weight lifted. Even though it was against my closely-held but still in my mind suspect beliefs, I was convinced based on the overwhelming evidence presented quite completely by Vincent Bugliosi that I and many more like myself need never have doubted the conclusions of the Warren Commission assigned to investigate the crime (Oliver Stone notwithstanding).

Upon reading Reclaiming History, I felt, I must tell you, a great swell of pride in our system.

Midway through reading Bugliosi's work, which took him an unthinkable 20 years to complete, I learned that Bugliosi had just released a new book entitled The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. I rejoiced inside. If this genius of a prosecutor could convince me of the folly of my beliefs--beliefs I largely held without knowing the full force of the facts--then I knew that my conviction that, indeed, George W. Bush SHOULD be prosecuted for murder is a correct one.

I have not read Bugliosi's new book, but I will, to be sure. And I know, after almost eight years of abject outrage on my part, I will agree with Bugliosi's bold claim that, once Bush is out of office, any of our fifty State's Attorneys will agree upon examining the letter of the law that Bush and some of his cronies are liable not only for over 4100 deaths of American soldiers but also for the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqis (and those numbers are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg).

I realize, of course, that we are in the midst of a fierce campaign for the presidency. And I know that a change is needed. A radical change that only an Obama/Biden ticket can deliver. This desire for change can sometimes overwhelm us who beleive in Obama's vision. And why shouldn't it?

But we can never, whatever the outcome of this election, allow ourselves to take our eye off the ball: it is George W. Bush and his conspirators that should be held accountable for this massive wartime bloodshed, launched on the basis of a lie. If we turn out back on this, we might as well turn our backs on the next Hitler, the next Stalin, the next Pol Pot.

Here now is Vincent Bugliosi, one of nation's great impartial, non-political intellects--who, should you need to be reminded, prosecuted Charles Manson even though Manson HIMSELF killed not one of the people he's in prison for murdering (and Bugliosi compares G.W. Bush to Manson in a very key and strict fashion in what follows)--here is Bugliosi vehemently defending and explaining the very straightforward notion of prosecuting--once they are out of office--George W. Bush and his cohorts for murder.

One note: for anyone reading this who disdains Bugliosi's conclusions as the words of a partisan madman, may I point out that (1) Buglisoi has already railed against the madmen behind the vast number of conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination, so he knows the TRUE qualities surrounding insanity (and let's be real: the JFK conspiracy wing largely represented left-wing madness, so let's not chalk this recent book up to rabid partisanship); and (2) Bugliosi's strict adherance to evidence, truth, factuality, names, dates and lawful numbers DOES NOT point to his being a man in absense of his faculties.

Now, please, give the extremely articulate Mr. Bugliosi your time and consideration:

I vehemently believe that George W. Bush should be held accountable for his actions, and once he leaves office, should be brought to trial for his horrible war crimes, with Mr. Bugliosi as prosecutor. I believe this is one extraordinary way we can reclaim America's long-held status as the worldwide holder of truth and justice.

Not that I need to remind anyone reading, but I feel I should mention, since an extremely important campaign is going on right now, that it is John McCain and Sarah Palin who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with George W. Bush, no matter how much they try to distance themselves from him.

Thank you.