Monday, October 6, 2008

The Arizona Kid: John McCain and His Gambling Ways

The following documentary, produced by the Obama/Biden ticket on the eve of a massive, negative personal swipe at Obama's past experience currently gestating in the McCain/Palin camp, details John McCain's involvement in the Savings and Loan scandals that rocked America back in the early 1990s. This abomination, which ruined the lives of almost 25,000 investors and cost American taxpayers billions of dollars (taxpayers whom McCain advisor/cohort, former Republican Senator Phil Gramm, famously mocked as "a nation of whiners"), is only the baby version of the street-quaking economic crisis in which we now find ourselves.

And, yet once again, Americans are being stuck with the bill.

The key thing that this doc does is remind us that McCain (then a Representative for the state of Arizona) was one of the five political figures brought before Congress to answer to their relationship with Charles Keating, the now-jailed figurehead of the S&L scandal. Do you remember that? I didn't. But I now know.

McCain has gotten into bed with some of the biggest crooks ever to see the light of day. Couple this with the recent New York Times article detailing McCain's relationship with now-jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff over their bilking of the Indian casinos (which paints a pretty piss-poor picture of McCain as a inveterate gambler), and we begin to see the true John McCain: a greedy, profligate spender with no notion of right or wrong.

And still he goes on, with not a care given to the American people who have to pay for his shit.

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Lisa said...

Thank you for posting this, Dean. And to think that this old coot is still very much in the running and is about to get nasty -- as we know he can get -- as he gets more desperate.

The whole friggin' world is basically falling apart, and the Republicans want us to give them another chance??? Sad times....