Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Maureen Dowd Column Today in NY Times

"Mud Pies for 'That One'" -- about the degradation of McCain and Palin's campaign. In examining McCain's descent into a steamy cesspool of lies and vicious attacks, she makes this point about Republican tactics, specifically the philosophy espoused by the late Lee Atwater, the Republican strategist who inspired Karl Rove (and who died of a brain tumor at 40 years of age, not before apologizing for some of his most egregious campaign smears):

"Atwater relished teaching rich, white Republicans to feign a connection to the common man so they could get in office and economically undermine the common man."

This is a point that I keep making to anybody who isn't a billionaire and still supports the Republicans. How can you people tolerate being chumps for this gang of economic robber barons? The Republicans will say anything, give lip-support to whatever homey platitude makes "regular folks" feel comfortable, all the while plundering the U.S. and taking whatever they can for their well-heeled and overwhelmingly greedy high-income base. Throwing a religious fanatic like Sarah Palin into the mix is a classic example of misdirection. At the same time as they are wailing "Praise Jesus" and assuring you that under their rule we'll win wars and win 'em good and stop men kissing other men, they are stealing your future, picking your pockets and laughing all the way to the, bank.

The vast majority of those supporting McCain-Palin -- those who are doing so only because they believe that this carefully crafted duo is "just like me" and that Sarah Palin could keep America safe and sound until the Armageddon -- and who are certainly not economically benefitting from Republican rule are simply being fleeced like the rubes at a slick traveling carnival. The McCain-Palin ticket is a perfect representation of the two sides of the Republicans: the over-stuffed, extremely well-off rich white men, who will sell their souls to keep what they've got, country and honor and everything else be damned -- the "I've Got Mine, Fuck You" contingent -- and the overly-religious, scared-to-death, non-thinkers who are willing to exchange superstition for cogent thinking. That the latter half of the party can't understand what the former half is doing to them is mind-boggling.

You're being used, suckers. And you're falling for it, again. Don't you ever learn? Can't you think clearly for at least a few minutes and figure out how you've being bamboozled? Sarah Palin isn't like you, not unless you are a conniving, vicious, know-nothing-and-proud-of-it kook with far more pure seething ambition than either principles or brains.

All the rest of us can do is shake our heads and hope that these deluded folks will come to their senses. After Obama's impressive performance in last night's debate, and more importantly, McCain's far less impressive one, it is so clear which one of these gentlemen is equipped with the wisdom, knowledge and temperament to lead this nation in this most trying of times. We need someone whose every aspect of mind and heart will be working for us full-time.

We need Barack Obama.

Go! Read! Learn! Understand! Volunteer!!!

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