Thursday, October 23, 2008

Populist Darling Goes Swanky Shopping -- on the RNC

Hope you're following the fascinating revelation about the Sarah Palin clothes-buying spree that went on shortly after her nomination. Now, it isn't about the economy -- well, it actually is -- or the environment, or other really important issues, but it is about a wolf dressing up in sheep's clothing, only sheep don't usually spend $150,000 on clothing in a few weeks. And what about those trips on the Alaska taxpayers dime, for her family members? This lady doesn't know the meaning of the word "ethics" and is quite happy to change the rules to suit herself. Fighting for regular Americans? Um...I don't think so. This lady's fighting for herself, make no mistake about it. The people are just her stepping stones.

I get a whiff of Marie Antoinette here -- let everybody else wear Wal Mart clothes, right? I'm sure those folks out there crying "Huzzah!" every time they see this faux-populist princess out there would just love to know that she's been tarted up something fierce, all the better for them to adore her. Though we know the Governor of Alaska didn't go around in rags before, it must have been tough to measure up to the duds on the back of McCain's 100 Million $$$ wife Cindy.

You know what this is really about? It's about a guy who's been the child of privilege all his life -- the son and grandson of Navy Admirals -- getting a break all during his schooling (just like the current Prez), being a shitty student at that, and having the bad military but good political luck to get shot down -- and he wasn't the only American in a Prison Camp, just the only one who really wants to be President -- and finding himself an ultra-wealthy younger wife, and now pretending to be one of the people. "My Friends" he calls his followers. "You Chumps" would do just as well.

It's also about a pretty lady, also not the best at school, but with killer competitive instincts, who used her looks to enter beauty pageants, and become a TV sportscaster, and then dabble in local politics and somehow propel herself -- using all those skills learned -- into the Governor's mansion in a state filled with not only upstanding citizens but with a whole gaggle of loonies who were courted by this gun-totin' guv'nor.

When McCain's corrupt campaign crew came calling, this ill-equipped but completely self-confident lady didn't hesitate to declare herself qualified to lead, by virtue of nothing else but bravado. That, plus a manufactured "aw shucks" lingo trotted out to disarm those who come to hear her, thrilled that someone so utterly intellectually ordinary, so totally uninformed, so viscerally cruel -- if you're a creature of the earth -- so crazy radically religious, could ever end up on a podium running for Vice President.

Sarah Palin's a lie, John McCain is a lie, and it's most sad to see his descent into mendacity. This one-time intelligent man who dared to walk his own path now has abandoned all his previous criticisms of the Republican Right and has become their doormat, doing and saying anything to help them retain their hold on the White House.

The Palin clothing story is all about the image vs. the reality -- the lies vs. the truth -- the personal ambition vs. the hope for all Americans.

Sarah Palin is a dangerous power-hungry right-wing follower who intends to do immeasurable harm to American democracy, and she won't stop there.

John McCain has abandoned his principles.

It doesn't get much sadder than that.

Don't let this pair get anywhere close to the White House.

Go! Learn!! Read!! Do Not Believe the Republican Lies!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

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