Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bill Maher & Guests on Sarah Palin This Past Friday

On the last Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, The Simpsons' writer Dana Gould is brilliant and hilarious, Rep. Maxine Walters is wise, and Wall Street Journal reporter Stephen Moore is a Republican apologist who's obviously made up his mind to support whatever his Party puts out there, even validating and making excuses for Sarah Palin. It's shocking to watch:

"Why are feminists not behind Sarah Palin?" the besotted WSJ writer asks, surely not seriously. I would venture to put forth a generalization, that most/all feminists are educated, serious, pro-choice, pro-sex education, pro-rape-kit reimbursal, and all the other things that Palin is not. Feminists tend not to be quite so crazy about women who use their feminine "charms" -- if you find winks and golly gee vacant blinks fetching -- empty platitudes and innuendos to get ahead, instead of having the right stuff and triumphing through achievement.

When I hear a guy like Moore babbling on about Palin -- "She'll be the first Woman President!" -- you want to shake him and say "Is that all you think this country deserves?" Is this whole thing a joke to people like him? I thought he was a pompous jackass.

Here's my own take on that supposed "sex appeal" angle for Palin:

In what mythical world does a right-wing, gun-loving, bible-thumping redneck man want to have some woman telling him what to do? Of course, she's one of the few women around who hates women as much as these fellers do, deep down. I can hear them now: "Teach those rape victims what for, how dare they get free po-lice tests...we wuz only having a good time..fuck her, anyway." "Choice? I don't think so. When a gal gets pregnant, tough shit. We love babies and all...right, sure we do, whatever...but the fact that we can fuck up a woman's life and she doesn't get a say, that's what we REALLY like about being pro-life."

I believe that there must have been some magical right-wing email going around -- and we know that's where these nutjobs get all their information and marching orders; you know, that's where they found out that Obama is an Arab, and is a Muslim, and is a terrorist, and so forth. Well, I think one of those emails went around saying something like this:


If the Sarah Palin/John McCain ticket wins, Sarah Palin is going to make a personal visit to every right-wing man who only voted for her because he thought she was some hot -- and give him a blow job as a thank you for electing her

Please pass this email to all your friends, colleagues and menfolk to encourage them to vote for our Sarah, because you know normally with a mouthy bitch like her they'd rather smack her in the teeth, right? Bless you.

I just don't know what else to think.

Go! Read! Watch! Volunteer!!!

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