Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palin Gives a Pass to Clinic Bombers

I want to you to follow the link and read this article and watch the video connected with it. It's Sarah Palin being asked by NBC News' Brian Williams about her definition of terrorist.

For Ms. Palin, I guess it just depends on what you want to bomb, or what the politics are behind it. If you lean to the left, you're a terrorist. If you lean to the right, not so much.

If you're Bill Ayers from decades ago, you're a terrorist.

If you're a right-wing anti-choice zealot and you bomb a clinic,'s different. Especially when the lady deciding is anti-choice, too.

This is not a candidate in line with any but the most extreme anti-choice zealots out there. And don't think that this isn't an issue that she and McCain don't intend to push.

As we focus on the economy and everything else that the Bush years have managed to screw up, please remember that McCain-Palin are everything that Bush was, only much worse, in every way.

Go! Watch and Read!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

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