Monday, October 6, 2008

Parsing Palin's Persona

There's an amazing and 100% blood-chilling article on AlterNet by Jill Hussein about Sarah Palin's particular brand of personal ambition, and it's horrifying and undeniable. It's a corollary to Bill Maher's excellent rant from my previous post here, so be sure you watch that for yet another view on SP's disqualifications, which are many.

You will also want to listen to this excellent excerpt from Air America radio's Clout program hosted by Richard Greene. In this segment -- "Palin-tology" -- he explains the two sides of Sarah Palin. He's dead right about what Palin has been specifically programmed to do and say, and what that means to the United States and this presidential race. This show is from last Friday, the day after the Vice-Presidential debate.

Of course the overall choice is between Obama and McCain, but the presence of this woman on the Republican ticket has many implications and none of them can be ignored or underestimated.

Read! Watch! Listen! Volunteer for Obama-Biden NOW!!!

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