Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great AlterNet Article on the Psychological Underpinnings of Politics

I've read several articles the past few months on this fascinating topic -- that people may be genetically hard-wired to certain reactions that impact what kind of politics they are drawn to. In a generalized nutshell, if you're easily scared, you might gravitate toward authority figures who make you feel safer, and tend to support Republicans. That's a huge over-simplification, but do read this great article on Alternet -- "Can You Guess a Person's Politics By Their Personality? Psychologist Team Says Yes" -- for some intriguing findings.

Are people born Democrats or Republicans? Obviously it's not that simple, but when they're describing Democrats -- creative, cluttered, curious -- I couldn't include myself out!

The implications for these findings are probably both good and bad. More understanding of what makes people tick and why could bridge some gaps, but also lead to evermore devious ways to manipulate emotions and push people's buttons. Clearly the McCain camp understands even at this point that many of their base supporters tend to respond to threats, fears and scares, because that's what they're throwing at them in these last days. Obama is countering with reasoned rhetoric and a hope that people will listen and understand and learn that what he offers them will be helpful and good for them and the country.

Completely fascinating stuff!

Go! Read!! Support Obama and Reason!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!

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