Friday, December 26, 2008

Take a Look at This Photo

I think you will be proud to have Obama as our next Commander-in-Chief after you look at the photo accompanying the article "Obama visits Hawaiian base" in the L.A. Times from today.

The look in the young Marine's eyes as he shakes hands with Obama says it all.


America, We've Already Received Our Holiday Gift

Who needs Christmas, when we had an election where Obama won? We've all gotten the best gift and best hope this nation has seen for a long time! It's Awesome!!

You should read this AP article, from yesterday, on Obama's geek credentials, entitled "Obama To Boldly Go Where No Geek Has Gone Before." AlterNet has a commentary on the article, too, which is amusing, parsing out the difference between a geek and a nerd.

I especially loved that he allegedly gave Leonard Nimoy the Vulcan "live long and prosper" hand salute when he saw him during a campaign appearance, and makes other Star Trek jokes. I hope he watches CBS' The Big Bang Theory sitcom, which is a constant and hilarious stream of Trek fan in-jokes.

How wonderful it is to have a President-elect who is intellectually-curious and technologically savvy! Take a deep breath and just think about January 20th!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Bush Online Game! Hit Him With a Shoe!

It's all in fun, of course, and safer than doing it for real, but it's almost as satisfying! Check out the link --

Play Hit Bush With Shoe!

It's probably also good for your reflexes, so relax and enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stench Around Illinois Gov. Blagojevich and Filling Obama's Senate Seat

A disturbing news story this morning about Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich being taken into FBI custody after an extensive investigation into his efforts to profit from his duty to choose Obama's successor in the Senate. Blagojevich's record is dirty all around, as you will see from this timeline; it's corruption worthy of any big-time crook and strong-arm thug. Ugh. The story doesn't reflect well on some of the contenders who evidently offered huge kickbacks and payments to Blagojevich and his family for consideration as the Senate replacement.

I can imagine what the right-wingers are going to say about this, and no doubt they'll try to drag Obama into the fray, but I have read nothing so far involving him.

This is the kind of politics that must change.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Paul Krugman's Nobel Prize Lecture Live Today!

Paul Krugman is an authentic national treasure. He's giving his Nobel Prize Lecture today, in Stockholm, on "Increasing Returns", and you can watch live here and video will be available later, of course. If you search around the Nobel Prize site, there are other Krugman treats here, including a video interview and a phone interview after he won the prize. Also a page of nice photos.

If you can't watch live -- 9am Eastern today -- do watch later. Be sure that you are a regular visitor to his New York Times blog, too, to which we have a link on our sidebar.

He's a brilliant delight.

Tax Advantages for the Rich -- Get Rid of Them Now!

I was disappointed to hear, after watching President-Elect Obama's interview with Tom Brokaw yesterday on NBC's Meet the Press, that he and his economic advisers are still deciding whether or not to do away with the Bush preferential tax rates for the wealthy now or simply let them play out until 2011. Even if only as a symbolic gesture towards the reversal of the Bush pro-wealthiest Americans stance, these unfairly-weighted rates must be eliminated and those making over $250K per year must pay more, as they did only a few years ago.

After campaigning on a platform of making the tax system more fair, it is the least that this new administration needs to do, to strike a blow towards more fairness and acknowledgement of the importance of the middle class, which took it in the shorts under Bush. Repealing the Bush tax cuts would send a signal that Obama does not intend on doing business as usual, especially in this very important area. He should also quickly work on the so-called "Death Tax" -- actually the inheritance tax -- advantage which the wealthy have been playing under Bush's regime.

To understand some of the issues behind what the favoring of the upper-upper income class has done to America -- and it's not good -- please read this excellent article from today's AlterNet entitled "The Rich Are Hogging Our Common Inheritance -- We Must Take It Back" by Gar Alperovitz and Lew Daly, authors of the book Unjust Desserts. Here is an interview with Alperovitz and Daly from Dissent Magazine, worth reading, too. (Here is an audio podcast of an interview with Lew Daly, too.)

The unfair Bush tax scheme was one of the key issues for me in the past election. After all of McCain's lying and negative characterization of Obama's plan to make more fair, for the betterment of America's economy, the current tax code, to not do it, and quickly, is simply a mistake. I don't like the message it sends, and I'm with Joe Biden -- if you make a lot of money, paying taxes is your patriotic duty. Read that article -- I think you'll agree with me.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chambliss Wins in Georgia...It Figures

Sad but not surprised to hear that Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Republican, will be going back to the Senate after defeating Democrat Jim Martin. The Republicans sent out their usual pack of lies, and their big if worn-out guns -- McCain, Palin -- to stump for their candidate, and the loyal base did not disappoint.

As we have written before here, Chambliss is a disgraceful campaigner and about as right-wing as they get.

Oh well. Onward and upward. I'm sure the folks in the pick-ups flying the Confederate flag will be celebrating in a big way. It's a shame.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, Obama's Secretary of State!

Here is the entire press conference from this morning, in two parts. Enjoy!

Our hopes for this new administration continue to fly high with these new appointments! Our good wishes go out to Sen. Clinton, Secretary of Defense Gates, Gov. Janet Napolitano, Gen. James Jones and Eric Holder on their new positions (except for Gates, of course) in Obama's inner circle. It is an impressive group.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Great Article about Creating a Liberal Media...Finally!

Check out this article by Robert Parry from Consortium News, reprinted on AlterNet, entitled "The Time Has Come to Create a Real 'Liberal Media'". Many good points are made, and of course he's completely correct about the myth of the Liberal Media being, well...a myth. It just isn't so. The Media is about making money. There's no philosophy there, it just seems like the big businessmen who runs these companies all turn into corporate fascists (if they didn't start out that way) because they are, of course, purely motivated by profit, and they've discovered a huge right-wing audience out there.

Right-wing media got its glitz when Rush Limbaugh became a huge personality, and I think until the Left has someone as compelling to its potential audience as Limbaugh was to the Right's, we'll always lag behind.

Fortunately I believe we do have the perfect rising star, with all the qualities, to become our Liberal version of a Limbaugh, and that's Rachel Maddow. She's got it all -- brains, telegenic (which Limbaugh isn't, so she can do radio and TV) plus she's funny, and comedy is something that the Left surely can claim as its own. We all need to support her, watch her MSNBC show, listen to her Air America broadcast, and spread the word about this delightful real Liberal media personality. (I don't mean to slight her MSNBC colleague Keith Olbermann, who is always terrific, too. They both rock!).

I've added links to The Daily Kos, Democracy Now! and Link TV in our sidebar, three consistently good sources for Liberal news and outlook that we should all be checking out on a regular basis. It's up to each of us to support these alternative outlets to the traditional and often biased and even downright crappy news sources.

Read the article -- it will get you thinking!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Take a Little Time This Thanksgiving Weekend

Take twenty minutes or so to visit the New York Times website, where they have the video of Barack Obama's Chicago acceptance speech on election night, along with an interactive transcript that makes the speech even more meaningful.

This year we have a great deal to be thankful for, and we can't forget it. What a difference the past three weeks has made...can't you just feel it?

Go! Watch!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Talking Turkey with Conservative Relatives at Thanksgiving

You will enjoy and learn from this delightful and informative article by Sara Robinson, originally from the website Campaign for America's Future but reprinted on AlterNet. "Worried About Thanksgiving Rights with Right-Wing Family Members?" is a series of tips and topics to counter any of the arguments that desperate Conservatives will no doubt start slinging around at the dinner table as they bemoan the results of the recent election.

Sara's entertaining insights will be worth remembering far beyond Thanksgiving Day. She nails the Right's greatest fears and most specious allegations with wit, grace and intelligence, so that you can, too! Liberals have a proud record of achievement and it's time we were starting fighting back against the lies and stupidity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

That Alaska Woman and Rudy Guliani Campaigning for Saxby Chambliss

As if all the information I gave you in my last post about the reprehensible Republican Senator from Georgia Saxby Chambliss, who is in a run-off with Democrat contender Jim Martin, wasn't enough to disgust you, you'll love this: Sarah Palin is planning a whirlwind tour of a quartet of Georgia cities on Monday, the day before the election, in support of Chambliss. Oh, and Rudy Guliani was there yesterday, campaigning for good ol' Saxby.

Chambliss knows his base, all right; they're the same kind of mindless ultra-conservative bigots who frothed at the mouth during Palin's rallies on the Presidential trail, warming up to the cries of "Kill him!" and having a terrific time slinging the slurs around. That horrible woman will never go away now, having obviously fallen in love with the enthusiastic guttural growls coming from her audiences.

If you live in Georgia or are eligible to vote there (as I am), please get out to the polls to support Jim Martin, or get your absentee ballot in and postmarked in time! Chambliss is a crumbling relic, a dirty politician, and a Republican who's got to go!

Go!!! Support Jim Martin for Senate!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

In Georgia, Vote for Jim Martin Against Saxby Chambliss, Repugnant Campaigner

If you are a Georgia voter, I beseech you to be sure to get back out to the polls next Tuesday to vote in the run-off between Democrat Jim Martin (pictured at right) and Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss. Chambliss, as you remember, is the guy who impugned triple-amputee Vietnam war vet Max Cleland to smear and lie his way to the Senate the last time, and this election he's gone after Jim Martin with the same desperate scum techniques. His latest pitch is a disgusting spot about Martin being soft on crimes against children -- when his record is exactly the opposite. Read about it here. Chambliss and his campaign staff (which included Karl Rove at one point) are pathological liars without a shred of decency.

There is obviously nothing Chambliss won't say or do to try to retain his seat. He has proven himself completely dishonorable. What do you also have to think about the people who have fallen for his tactics? Are they not also dishonorable, and incredibly ignorant, and chumps for voting for this despicable politican? How could they be anything else? Just because you're a redneck must you be an idiot? Contrary to Chambliss' not-so-hidden agenda, the Confederacy is dead, fellas. Get over it.

Chambliss is a real Southern gentleman, all right -- exhorting his overwhelmingly white suburban and rural base to get out and vote so that "the others" don't win. "The Others" in Saxby's world are city folk, blacks, Democrats and anybody else who won't go along with his Ol' South bigotry. He didn't get the required 51% in the election, hence the run-off.

Obama has done spots for Jim Martin, Bill Clinton was down there campaigning for Martin, and now the voters have to get out there and throw the despicable Chambliss out of there. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper has a new endorsement of Martin in the run-off.

Here are a couple of ads from the Jim Martin campaign. (I won't put any of the Chambliss ads up here, even for comparison. That kind of crap won't be spread around here.)

Chambliss is not only a dirty politician, a dedicated Bush-ite and a bright red Republican, but he's got a pretty rotten business record, too, including defending safety violations at a sugar plant which led to an explosion that killed 14 people last February. Please read the Huffington Post account of his recent blow-up when he was questioned about this, and the whole backstory on this shocking incident and Chambliss' typically evasive and dishonest response.

Saxby has got to go. Please get out and vote for Jim Martin on Dec. 2nd!!! For more information and to see how you can help, visit Martin's campaign website here!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sure, It's Swoony and Silly, But...

There's a cute piece on about the sexiest men of 2008, and of course our President-elect is on the list. Particularly don't miss clicking on the slideshow referenced near the end of the article -- and note that on the Huffington Post slideshow area there are several others that will both delight you and bring you to tears. Look at them, too.

We're still in love here, of course. Even with the world crumbling around us, we have hope now.

And I really believe that.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Frank Rich -- "The Moose Stops Here"

Columnist Frank Rich had a good article in yesterday's NY Times, taking apart the current Republican post-election desperate feeding frenzy. "The Moose Stops Here" cogently and accurately nails one of the most damning Republican party traits, the overwhelming racial-divide that formed a lot of their rabid rhetoric -- see Saxby Chambliss' campaign -- and that managed to secure their win in the South among voters who still obviously mourn Gen. Lee's surrender at Appomattox. (I lived in Georgia for well over a decade -- you didn't have to drive far out of Atlanta to find bastions of dejected Confederates with rebel flags plastered on their trucks, searching in vain for a CSA recruiting station.)

For a great read on the current economic mess, read NY Times vet Thomas Friedman's column from yesterday, too, entitled "Gonna Need a Bigger Boat". Friedman skillfully gives us the really bad news, using a nifty -- and completely appropriate -- Jaws analogy to make his point. I've seen Friedman on many TV news shows, including yesterday's Meet The Press, and he's always really smart and on the nose, plus delightful. (He and Paul Krugman both have tremendous telegenic presences, combining brilliant erudition and natural wit that makes them must-sees in any appearance.)

Whoever thought things were going to simmer down after the election didn't foresee a nation vitally interested in its future and wanting to learn. That's what happens when you have a smart President-elect. Lovely, isn't it?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dick Cavett on that Alaskan Woman in "The New York Times"

Take a few minutes and read this charming essay by wit, raconteur, talk show host and commentator Dick Cavett -- "The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla".

You will enjoy it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

John McCain Campaigns for Reprehensible Saxby Chambliss in Georgia

In 18 days, voters in Georgia will vote in a run-off election between Republican incumbent Sen. Saxby Chambliss -- who won his seat after a dirty campaign which gleefully maligned Vietnam veteran and triple amputee, the very honorable Max Cleland -- and Democrat Jim Martin.

Wouldn't you know it, McCain, who soundly denounced Chambliss' 2002 tactics, flew specially down to Georgia yesterday to stump for Saxby. Saxby, let us not forget, is the guy who, before the election last week, tried rousing his supporters by direly warning that the "others" were coming out to vote and his people better get moving. Well, he needn't have worried. McCain carried Georgia except for the immediate Atlanta area.

Chambliss is everything that's bad, old, decayed, racist and pathetic about the Republican party. Please read this excellent article by Max Bernstein of The Huffington Post, entitled "In Georgia, McCain Saves the Worst for Last." If you can help Martin's campaign, there is a link in the article for more information how to do it.

Is this a look at the real McCain? You don't support a Southern hater like Chambliss without buying into his agenda. Sad, sad day for integrity, isn't it?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Media Matters for America -- All Over Conservative Media

I want to point out another excellent website we should all be following. Media Matters for America is, to quote their site, "a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media." We're going to put a widget for them in our sidebar, so check for the latest headlines there.

Boy, do they have their job cut out for them. As MMfA is reporting, the right wing print pundits, radio/TV personalities, and websites out there are already working overtime, spewing out invectives and outrageous bullshit in the direction of our new President-elect. Surprise, right?

Bob Cesca on Huffington Post has an excellent article on the subject today, entitled "What Doesn't Kill the Far Right Only Makes Them Crazier". He touches on some of the more spurious recent developments from the extreme right wing. It would be almost amusing if these people weren't often armed and dangerous, you know? I'm sure you've read how the sale of semi-automatic weapons skyrocketed the day after Obama was elected. Comforting, eh?

Yikes. The very least the rest of us can do is keep an eye on these far-right-leaning rabble-rousers and fight for the truth wherever and whenever we can. You get a crazy right wing email from somebody, write back and tell them why it's wrong. You talk to somebody who's repeating idiocy from some Dem-hater, go back at them. It's time to stop being polite to these guys. They'll never return the favor.

Go forward with the truth!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Robert Reich on "The Mini Depression"

Required reading: Economist and former Clinton Cabinet member Robert Reich has a great piece on TPMCafe -- "The Mini Depression and the Maximum-Strength Remedy". Reich, long one of my favorite brainiacs, is always compelling, sensible, erudite, and down-to-earth in his understanding of what makes the economy work.

Good Column from Canada's "The Globe and Mail"

Excellent article from this past Friday's The Globe and Mail newspaper, by columnist Neil Reynolds, entitled "Obama's tax message has a Reagan resonance." In it, he points out the shocking differences in Obama's tax plan and McCain's, and why Americans ultimately rejected the latter. Not that taxes were the only issue, but the contrasts between McCain's pledge to not raise taxes, but actually substantially lower taxes on the rich, and Obama's to offer tax cuts to help the middle class, point out the clear bias that the Republicans have towards the wealthy. Their tax cuts -- skewed almost entirely towards the rich -- were defended again and again by both McCain and Palin, in a sickening display of perfidy towards the vast majority of their base who would not benefit from the Republicans special largesse to the big income earners.

Just as a for instance, and I'm quoting Mr. Reynolds here: "For people in the top 0.1 per cent of category, the 147,000 families with incomes in excess of $2.8-million, the Obama plan provided a tax increase of $701,000; the McCain plan, a tax cut of $270,000." By what reason, except the inexorable bias of the Republicans to provide special treatment to the wealthy, could McCain justify lowering taxes on people with that level of income? It's obscene, and though many midd-class Republicans continue to believe that the the party leadership has always had their best economic interest in mind, just do the math.

Read the article. It gives a succinct history of the U.S. tax rate ups and down, and should be required reading for anyone who may come up against a Republican apologist who's still fuming that McCain won't be getting into the White House. It also paints Obama as a well-read student of history who knows how to use the past to plan a better future.

"It's A New Day" -- New Music Video!

You will enjoy his new song about Obama's victory!

The full lyrics are posted on YouTube here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Election Night in Los Angeles

Let's look at some exciting video from The Los Angeles Times website, from reader So Bord, from the moment that the California polls closed and Obama was declared the winner!

You'll remember how excited you were!

Friday, November 7, 2008

MoveOn.Org Offers Beautiful Obama Stickers!!

Don't miss this offer from MoveOn.Org to get your very own beautiful "Yes We Did" Obama sticker, designed by artist Shepard Fairey. It's based on his original poster which we spoke about not too long ago. You can get one for free, or more for a nominal price. They did a lot of good work this year helping to get Obama elected, so consider giving a little!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Article by Michael Moore, Post-Election!

Great article by Michael Moore, who has been a tireless voice for change, on the significance of the Obama-Biden victory! "What Will It Be Like To Have A Smart President?" is the title of this nice piece, from AlterNet taken from

By the way, this blog isn't going away, as the excitement is only beginning with Obama's Presidency on the near horizon. Though we started up to get the word out on our splendid candidate, we're not stopping with the wonderful victory. We will continue to share news, articles, photos and other fascinating material which will enlighten and inform us all. It's an amazing new era we're entering, with so much promise, and we don't want to miss a second of it!

Go!! Read!!! Celebrate!!! Look to the Future!!! Be an Informed Citizen!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Election Afterglow!!

Here are a few links to some wonderful posts and videos about the election --

A lovely memory from a Pennsylvania pollworker, on OpenSalon.

Check out several commentary on the election outcome, from the terrific Paul Krugman, in The New York Times.

A hard-hitting article from AlterNet: Obama Wins and Redefines What It Means To Be An American, by David Corn, originally from



Whew! Now that we can all breathe again, let's have a little fun with the many Superman references which have been invoked during the campaign! As a Superman fan, these resonate with me!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now It's True -- "Obama Is My President"!!

From the "Obama in 30 Seconds" Competition:

Obama Votes in Chicago!!

Footage from earlier this morning!


Obama's Army

Today we all join up. Today we are all drafted. Today we are all volunteers. We're soldiers in Obama's Army.

We believe in him, and we need to work like hell today to get him elected. We need to get in the battle by standing in long lines, waiting with determination and pride to get into that polling place.

We need to ensure that our vote is fair, that it is counted, and let no one intimidate us out of our vote. If you suspect anything is amiss, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE! Do not let them steal your vote for Obama!

We need to help people who need help voting, in any way we can. We need to inspire our fellow citizens to be steadfast, dedicated, informed, passionate, sensible, and positive -- all the things that Obama is for us.

Do not waver. Do not get tired. Do not give up. Do not let them trick you.

Do remember what this is all about. It's about Obama, the best hope for America.



Monday, November 3, 2008

Just a Little Inspiration from Obama's Speech in Cleveland


Bruce Springsteen at Obama Rally in Cleveland Yesterday!


Republicans Out There Now Trying to Interfere With Voters' Rights


We knew it would happen, of course. It's the last rotten tactic in the Republicans arsenal of smears, lies and deceptions. Targeted voters -- likely Democratic voters -- are being harasssed and intimidated to keep them from the polls. It's the lowest form of politicking and the Republicans thrive on it.

Please read this article on MSNBC for an idea of what they're trying to pull.

Is there no shame for these folks? We all realize that if the Republicans can't win an election fairly, they will go into cheat mode. They did it during the last two Presidential elections, and it worked. They're doing it now. Republicans hate early voting -- it favors Democrats -- and so they are out in swarms trying to suppress any votes that won't go to them. This will continue until the last hour on Election Day. If they can kill your vote for Obama, they're going to try to.

Please, if you or anyone you know has been approached by ANYONE trying to discourage, scare, or keep you in any way away from voting, you MUST report it and get HELP!!

Hang up on the robocalls. Delete the scurrilous emails. Slam the door in the face of any of these tricksters if they come to your house. And REPORT THEM!!!

Best resource is a call to ELECTION PROTECTION: YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE -- 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683). (En Espanol, 1-888-839-8682). You might also give a call to the CNN VoterHotline, but only after reporting it to someone who can do something useful -- 877-GO-CNN-08. CNN has a map of the voter irregularities being reported to them. You should take a look here. But remember, they are just a media outlet. They won't help you. You must call Election Protection.

These Republican operatives will say anything to keep you away from the polls. They are lying to you, and they want to steal your vote. Real pro-American, eh? Doesn't smell like patriotism to me. Smells like desperation and a decayed vision of democracy. STOP THEM!!!



Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Ladies Beside Barack

This is a great time to celebrate Barack Obama's wonderful family -- his wife Michelle and his daughters Malia Ann and Natasha. They are strong, beautiful, dedicated, and obviously crazy about Barack. And so are we! Here's to America's Next First Family!!

Go!! Look!! Enjoy!! Feel the Love!!! Get Out the Vote for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE OBAMA!!!

Want to Read Something Really Scary???

Check out this article from Salon Magazine, detailing what happened during Palin's Halloween night rally in Pennsylvania. There's also a video of Palin supporters telling what they find so frightening about the idea of an Obama presidency, and what they think is comforting about the idea of a McCain/Palin administration.

It's the fear, folks, driving these voters. They're scared of what they think they know, they're scared of what they don't know, and they're scared of what they don't want to know. They're also throwing this whole thing into God's hands. Yikes.

Is this any way to run a country?? Seeing a word like "socialism" thrown around as a boogeyman scare is a sad comment indeed on the state of intellectual depth in the country. Michael Moore said it, but so many people just don't understand it. Why aren't they outraged at socialism for the rich?

It burns me up that some fat cat is getting a special break -- thanks to the obscene Bush tax policy -- that he or she certainly does not deserve. They rigged the system to throw things their way. They put the fix in and it's worked for the last eight years of Republican control.

On the other hand, the idea that someone with little to spare, struggling to make it in America, might benefit from a new, more-favorable-to-the-middle-class tax policy sounds just about right. How can these McCain/Palin people be so selfish? And the folks at the rallies aren't billionaires -- they're regular people, working for a living. Don't they realize that the only people who aren't getting a boost up from the Republicans are themselves?

What is it that causes people to vote against their own economic interest? I get why greedy Republicans -- the "Pocketbook Republicans" who are only in it for the money, not the ideology except as it pertains to lower taxes for them -- will stand under any tattered banner that makes them more money. They're just plain reprehensible decayed souls, but why would some middle-class hardworking citizen support the party that is dedicated to screwing them and making it cushier for the wealthy?

Of course, the Republicans will say ANYTHING to get the vote of those other folks -- there are more of them than there are of the billionaires. They need to bulk up the base, so out comes the bait to lure in the rest of the vulnerable voting groups. The anti-choice advocates, and the folks for whom the idea of two men kissing equals the end of the world, and the global warming contrarians, and the gun lovers, and prayer in school radicals, and anybody else they can figure out how to pander to -- they rope them in to fatten up the vote. That's where the campaign of fear really pays off. That's where Sarah Palin takes center stage. Cynical move? Not to the Republican strategists. It's Standard Operating Procedure for those dirty tricksters.

How many times do you have to be exploited before you finally get it? How many times do you have to find some rich guy's hand in your uniform pocket before you realize you're being robbed? What does it take to finally understand that you're being punked by a whole political party? How does it feel to be a willing chump? Do you just not feel it after a while? Do they somehow comfort themselves by praying that somehow things might get better some day? Well, they won't, not unless they do something brave and sensible and important -- vote for Obama.

If you know someone like this, talk to them. Try to make them see that they're being used. Their only hope is a change to someone who will truly pay attention to 90% of the people who haven't been on the Republicans special gimme list for the past eight years.

Their only hope -- our only hope -- is Barack Obama, or else it's more of the same -- and worse. That that's no idle fear. That's what's in store with another Republican regime. Remember, they haven't quite stolen everything from the country yet. Or plundered every program yet., Or corrupted every agency yet. Or appointed every ultra-conservative judge yet. But they will, and you know it.

(Be sure to click on the highlighted phrases for links to more information and articles on the subjects -- they are fascinating!)

Go!!! Read!!! Talk to ANYONE about Barack Obama!!! Volunteer!!! Get the Vote Out Now!!! VOTE OBAMA!!!

Check Out "Yes We Carve" for the Latest Obama Pumpkin Photos!

The response to Yes We Carve's mission to get people all across America -- and the world -- to carve their pumpkins for Obama this year has been a gratifying success! Be sure to go their site for a myriad of new photo submissions. Meanwhile, here's one from Joe Mallahan in Washington State!

It's not just the pumpkins themselves which are so inspirational -- look at the faces of the people in the photos on the site. Hope, reason, excitement -- that's what Obama means for so many people. It's a truly beautiful thing!

Go!! Look at the Pumpkins!!! Believe in Obama!!! Support Your Candidates! VOTE OBAMA!!!

The Singing Hockey Mom for Obama -- and the piano-playing moose!

Borrowing a tune from Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Evita" --

I do not like her either, Hockey Mom!

Go! Watch!!! Support and Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! Tell Your Friends!!! VOTE OBAMA!!!

NY Times on Obama-Inspired Voters!

An important and heartening article from today's The New York Times -- read it here!

It captures one reason why this election is so vitally important and what a positive effect it's going to have for so many people.

Go! Read!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! Talk to Your Friends & Neighbors!!! VOTE OBAMA!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Photo by Rich Bowmer, AP

Barack in Austin, Photo by R.G. Radcliffe

Barack in Austin, Photo by R.G. Radcliffe

Go!! Learn!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! Tell Your Friends!!! Vote!!! Encourage Others to Vote!!! Go for a Landslide!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Beautiful Obama Poster!

By Artist Shepard Fairey (and I didn't realize he was the guy behing the "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" art -- I loved that!).

Look! Admire!!! Be Inspired!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Speaks With Obama!

I'm going to send you over to The Huffington Post for this short article and a couple of videos of MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow -- we love her! -- who was at Barack Obama's rally in Florida last evening.

The enlightened and appealing Maddow's star has been rising this political season, her ratings lately bumping up as high as CNN's venerable Larry King, and she deserves it! She's a fresh face, a ferocious mind and with enough humor and charm to sell it to the viewers -- and by "it" I mean her smart take on politics with a brilliantly liberal point-of-view. We need it!

Go! Watch!!! Volunter for Obama-Biden!!! Encourage Your Friends!!! VOTE!!!

Great Alternet Article on Ignorance in Politics

In case you've been pondering the weird reality that even in this world where Bush and the Republicans have screwed up almost everything they've touched -- and intentionally so most of the time -- that there are still 40% or so of Americans who would vote them in again. There's clearly one big reason, and this AlterNet article says it all: "The Triumph of Ignorance: How Morons Succeeded in U.S. Politics".

It won't make you feel any better after you read it, but it will give you more motivation to get out the vote for Obama and try to turn back the tide of the "dumb and proud" crowd. It's clear that with an Obama presidency, smarts will be back in style and brainpower will get working again all over America.

Have you paid attention to the horrible education statistics in the U.S.? Though overall high school graduation rates aren't too depressing -- but nowhere near 100% -- they are particularly grim in large cities and among minority and economically-disadvanted students. Somewhere only around half of them graduate, and of course these days a high school diploma is the very least a person needs in order to prosper at all. In addition to those who struggle to get an education, there are those who simply go through the motion and don't absorb anything, including the basic mechanism of how to think.

This isn't good, and it makes for a woefully uninformed public and voter base. Hence, you get voters who can't tell when they're being lied to -- they either don't care to find out or can't understand the simplest cause and effect relationship -- but they sure are susceptible to rabid smears and mindless chanted slogans like "Drill, Baby, Drill." I know I'm not the only one who finds that particular chant very nearly obscene -- ugly and ignorant at the same time.

Anyway, read the article, and hope that perhaps some of those uninformed citizens out there have kept enough common sense, at least, to recognize something good and something wise when it's in reach. And that something is a Barack Obama Presidency.

Go! Read!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden this weekend!!! Tell Your Friends!!! VOTE!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"His Choice" -- Obama Ad

Short and to the point.

Go! Watch!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! Help The Campaign!!! VOTE!!!!

Bill Clinton & Barack Obama in Florida, last night!

Former Pres. Bill Clinton took to the stage to campaign for Obama last night, in Kissimmee, Florida! Here is his terrific speech, in two parts:

Go!! Watch!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!

Obama Yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Obama goes after McCain's name-calling and skewers the McCain/Bush tax cuts for the wealthy! Plus he gets in an adorable little joke, too! Love that smile!

Go! Watch!! Learn!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!! Tell Your Friends!!! VOTE!!

Obama's TV Special from Last Night -- Tremendous!

"American Stories, American Solutions."

It was beautiful, it was moving, it was hopeful, it was wonderful. A terrific half-hour presentation, capped off with a live segment from Obama's Florida rally last night. In case you didn't see it, it is highly recommended viewing, and here it is:

Go!! Watch!!! Pass Long to Your Friends!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A President To Be Proud Of

Just came across this heartfelt and lovely video featuring the talented actress/comedienne Julia Sweeney and her daughter. I think you'll agree with both of them.

Isn't that a nice video? A President To Be Proud Of, indeed! This video was made under the auspices of Mamas For Obama. Check out their webpage here! As their slogan goes -- "Republicans Need a Time Out."

Go! Watch!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!!

A Little Springsteen for Obama

A musically-inspired Obama video using Bruce Springsteen -- "Obama, You Were Born To Run".

Video by YouTube member Lisasurfing. And yes, Bruce Springsteen is an Obama supporter!

Go!! Watch!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!!

More Obama!

"Leaders Arise" -- A beautiful spot from the "Obama in 30 Seconds" Campaign putting our candidate into historical perspective.

Video by Paul Lisy.

Go! Watch!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! Tell Your Friends About Obama!!! VOTE!!

More "Obama in 30 Seconds"

Time for some more inspiration and courage as we head towards the finals days of this vigorous and so important election campaign.

Created by Kenny Alan Cramer.

Go! Watch!! Be Inspired!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!

Great AlterNet Article on the Psychological Underpinnings of Politics

I've read several articles the past few months on this fascinating topic -- that people may be genetically hard-wired to certain reactions that impact what kind of politics they are drawn to. In a generalized nutshell, if you're easily scared, you might gravitate toward authority figures who make you feel safer, and tend to support Republicans. That's a huge over-simplification, but do read this great article on Alternet -- "Can You Guess a Person's Politics By Their Personality? Psychologist Team Says Yes" -- for some intriguing findings.

Are people born Democrats or Republicans? Obviously it's not that simple, but when they're describing Democrats -- creative, cluttered, curious -- I couldn't include myself out!

The implications for these findings are probably both good and bad. More understanding of what makes people tick and why could bridge some gaps, but also lead to evermore devious ways to manipulate emotions and push people's buttons. Clearly the McCain camp understands even at this point that many of their base supporters tend to respond to threats, fears and scares, because that's what they're throwing at them in these last days. Obama is countering with reasoned rhetoric and a hope that people will listen and understand and learn that what he offers them will be helpful and good for them and the country.

Completely fascinating stuff!

Go! Read!! Support Obama and Reason!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!! VOTE!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Yes We Can" by -- for Obama

Another moving and inspirational music video, by Black Eyed Peas founder

Go! Watch!!! Get Out the Vote!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

"We Got the Mo" by the Rockabelles -- for Obama!

More Music! This time it's the adorable girl trio The Rockabelles with their catchy "We Got the Mo" written by Jim Allyn.

You Go, Girls!!

Go! Listen!!! Start Singing Your Own Obama Song!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

"Vote Obama" Music Video by Taz Arnold

It's time for some musical inspiration! Singer, musician, designer Taz Arnold -- also known as TI$A -- presents this Obama music video set on the streets of Los Angeles.

Go!! Watch!!! Get Your Vote On!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Stealing America: Vote by Vote -- You Must Watch This!

As I've written about here before, the very right to vote is up for grabs in America. Organizations such as Election Protection, Verified Voting Foundation, True Vote U.S., and bloggers like the courageous Brad Friedman from The Brad Blog have been tirelessly working to get out the word that there are people and parties out there who will tamper with your vote or try to keep you from even being able to vote at all

You must watch the documentary Stealing America: Vote by Vote. Go to their website here and you can watch the whole thing online. You have to make the time. I guarantee you will be depressed and enraged by the time it finishes, and then you have to figure out what you are going to do with that anger.

Visit the website for Stealing America: Vote by Vote and check here for screenings and TV broadcasts, including on Link TV.

The more you find out about this sorry state of affairs, the more worried you must become about the very notion of free elections in Americans. Privatizing voting machines? Counting votes is in the hands of private corporations? Nothing can change in America while elections are being manipulated.

What to do about this? Report anomalies, get everybody to show up and overwhelmly give a landslide of support to Obama. Stealing America's site has some suggestions for action. And then? See if America's system has any chance of being honest again. Gosh, but this is depressing stuff....

I will have more posts on this and check out this Brad Blog article for examples of what is happening in Tennessee right now and what you MUST do if it happens to you.

Go!! Watch!!! Be vigilant in protecting your right to vote!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Hope You've Got Your Obama Pumpkin Out!

Be sure to get your Obama pumpkin carved, and check out the latest of so many tremendously inspirational and adorable Barack O'Lanterns at Yes We Carve.

It's a truly beautiful thing! The photo above was taken at a Chicago "Bring Your Own Pumpkin" party last week. Don't you just want to know all these people and give them a hug?

Go! Look at the Pumpkins!!! Carve Your Own Pumpkin!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Obama Electrifies Denver, Colorado, Yesterday

Read this inspiring post from David Sirota on Huffington Post -- "The Moment Obama Grabbed 100,000 Coloradoans".

I think it will 1.) Make you wish you had been there and 2.) Make you proud to support Barack Obama, all over again.

Go! Read!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Michael Moore on "Larry King" -- Excerpts

You will want to take a look at this article from AlterNet highlighting some of the remarks he made during his appearance on CNN's Larry King last week. Not that LK is necessarily the place to go for cogent political thought, but Michael Moore got it right: "No More Socialism for the Rich!" One of my strongest criticisms of McCain is his insistence on continuing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and Moore really goes into this, plus the Wall Street bailout as the ultimate handout to the upper 5%.

Moore is powerful, and he's eloquent, and he's passionate, and he's right. Be sure to read the whole article for a stunning indictment of Bush and Cheney at the close.

Go! Read!! Support Your Local Democrats!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Link TV: Senator Obama Goes to Africa

The amazing little channel Link TV has been running the documentary Senator Obama Goes to Africa, about Obama's visit to his father's birthplace in Kenya. It's a fascinating look into Obama's committment to his African roots, and gives us another glimpse into this gifted politican who is also an empathetic individual with strong connections to the world at large.

If you are in the Eastern time period, it will air again tonight -- Sunday -- at 10pm and repeats at 5am.

This is highly recommended viewing!

Go! Watch!! Support Obama!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Palin Going Way Out There -- It's Crazy Talk Time

Palin's still out there trying to rouse up her massively uninformed and volatile fans -- and she's ramped up her loony rhetoric something fierce, as seen yesterday in Des Moines, Iowa:

Huffington Post has some good commentary on this latest brand of Republican scare tactics, designed to appeal to precisely the folks who are attracted to Palin's blathering.

Go! Watch!! Support the Truth!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Fake Assault Story from McCain Worker

Oh, boy...they are really getting pathetic and desperate now. The whole story about the McCain worker getting mugged and branded by a crazed Obama supporter -- well, it's a lie. She made it all up. Obviously the gal is seriously disturbed in more than a few ways, and we hope she gets help, but trying to turn her own distress into a racist political hoax is about the lowest we've heard so far.

Man, with a week to go, it look like it's going to get even uglier.

Go! Seek the truth!! Support our candidates!!! Vote Democratic!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Wassup? Change...

A revisit to those popular "Wassup?" ads from eight years ago, ending up with a surprisingly poignant new message.

I can't be the only one who's tremendously moved by the way all of us have embraced the notion of hope and change coming from Obama. It's all good.

Go! Watch!! Pass it On!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palin Gives a Pass to Clinic Bombers

I want to you to follow the link and read this article and watch the video connected with it. It's Sarah Palin being asked by NBC News' Brian Williams about her definition of terrorist.

For Ms. Palin, I guess it just depends on what you want to bomb, or what the politics are behind it. If you lean to the left, you're a terrorist. If you lean to the right, not so much.

If you're Bill Ayers from decades ago, you're a terrorist.

If you're a right-wing anti-choice zealot and you bomb a clinic,'s different. Especially when the lady deciding is anti-choice, too.

This is not a candidate in line with any but the most extreme anti-choice zealots out there. And don't think that this isn't an issue that she and McCain don't intend to push.

As we focus on the economy and everything else that the Bush years have managed to screw up, please remember that McCain-Palin are everything that Bush was, only much worse, in every way.

Go! Watch and Read!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Endorsement Round-Up

We know some terrific and well-deserved endorsements of Obama for President have been coming in from all over the U.S., from all sides. Here are a just a few:

The New Yorker, in their issue of October 13: The Choice

The Los Angeles Times, from October 19th: Barack Obama for President

The Chicago Tribune, from October 17th: Tribune Endorsement: Barack Obama for President

Christopher Buckley, from The Daily Beast (and formerly National Review) : Sorry Dad, I'm Voting for Obama

For a truly exciting list of the endorsements so far, from organizations and individuals from all over the spectrum, check out this site. Also the blog Obama Endorsements has been keeping up with all the progress, as well as featuring the pertinent text; they are an excellent source!

Let us savor these endorsements while continuing to fight to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

Go! Read! Learn! Appreciate! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ron Howard's Call To Action!

I've gotta say -- this is adorable.

Classic television and smart politics -- what a beautiful combination!

Go! Watch!! Share This Video With Your Friends!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Sarah Palin's Qualifications

Sure, it's from last month, but it's still totally relevant, in addition to being pretty damned funny -- if it weren't that there are people out there who still listen to her programmed riffs filled with tired and duplicitous Republican platitudes. But anyway, here it is -- from Jimmy Kimmel's show:

They didn't even know at the time they made this how truly bloodthirsty she'd turn out to be!

Go! Watch!! Fight against Sarah Palin's lies!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

And Just in Case You Don't Believe the Republicans Will Do Anything...

Please read this story on CNN about Allen Raymond, a GOP operative who went to prison for his illegal activities in a previous election.

Don't think there isn't a whole army of Raymonds out there right now preparing to attack on this election day.

Please take a look at my previous posts about election fraud and the organizations who are working to protect against it. If you see any sign of this going on, speak up!!!

Go!!! Learn!!! Protect Your Vote and Those of Your Fellow Citizens!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!!

Our Best to Obama and his Grandmother

As our candidate takes a couple of days off to visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii, we wish them both all the best.

Barack Obama is a man of principle, intelligence and heart.

We know that the vicious Republican robocalls won't stop -- Guliani, you should be ashamed of yourself -- and the lies won't stop spewing out from the McCain camp, but in every way we must all fight them all and continue our support of Obama!

Go! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Populist Darling Goes Swanky Shopping -- on the RNC

Hope you're following the fascinating revelation about the Sarah Palin clothes-buying spree that went on shortly after her nomination. Now, it isn't about the economy -- well, it actually is -- or the environment, or other really important issues, but it is about a wolf dressing up in sheep's clothing, only sheep don't usually spend $150,000 on clothing in a few weeks. And what about those trips on the Alaska taxpayers dime, for her family members? This lady doesn't know the meaning of the word "ethics" and is quite happy to change the rules to suit herself. Fighting for regular Americans? Um...I don't think so. This lady's fighting for herself, make no mistake about it. The people are just her stepping stones.

I get a whiff of Marie Antoinette here -- let everybody else wear Wal Mart clothes, right? I'm sure those folks out there crying "Huzzah!" every time they see this faux-populist princess out there would just love to know that she's been tarted up something fierce, all the better for them to adore her. Though we know the Governor of Alaska didn't go around in rags before, it must have been tough to measure up to the duds on the back of McCain's 100 Million $$$ wife Cindy.

You know what this is really about? It's about a guy who's been the child of privilege all his life -- the son and grandson of Navy Admirals -- getting a break all during his schooling (just like the current Prez), being a shitty student at that, and having the bad military but good political luck to get shot down -- and he wasn't the only American in a Prison Camp, just the only one who really wants to be President -- and finding himself an ultra-wealthy younger wife, and now pretending to be one of the people. "My Friends" he calls his followers. "You Chumps" would do just as well.

It's also about a pretty lady, also not the best at school, but with killer competitive instincts, who used her looks to enter beauty pageants, and become a TV sportscaster, and then dabble in local politics and somehow propel herself -- using all those skills learned -- into the Governor's mansion in a state filled with not only upstanding citizens but with a whole gaggle of loonies who were courted by this gun-totin' guv'nor.

When McCain's corrupt campaign crew came calling, this ill-equipped but completely self-confident lady didn't hesitate to declare herself qualified to lead, by virtue of nothing else but bravado. That, plus a manufactured "aw shucks" lingo trotted out to disarm those who come to hear her, thrilled that someone so utterly intellectually ordinary, so totally uninformed, so viscerally cruel -- if you're a creature of the earth -- so crazy radically religious, could ever end up on a podium running for Vice President.

Sarah Palin's a lie, John McCain is a lie, and it's most sad to see his descent into mendacity. This one-time intelligent man who dared to walk his own path now has abandoned all his previous criticisms of the Republican Right and has become their doormat, doing and saying anything to help them retain their hold on the White House.

The Palin clothing story is all about the image vs. the reality -- the lies vs. the truth -- the personal ambition vs. the hope for all Americans.

Sarah Palin is a dangerous power-hungry right-wing follower who intends to do immeasurable harm to American democracy, and she won't stop there.

John McCain has abandoned his principles.

It doesn't get much sadder than that.

Don't let this pair get anywhere close to the White House.

Go! Learn!! Read!! Do Not Believe the Republican Lies!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Election Protection -- You Have the Right To Vote

Another excellent resource for the latest in voter information and for reporting any irregularities that you may encounter is the non-partisan organization ELECTION PROTECTION, and their excellent website.

They have up-to-date information and are maintaining round-the-clock vigilance to ensure that all Americans can exercise their right to vote.

Most importantly, they have a hotline -- 1-866-OUR VOTE (1-866-687-8683) -- where you can report any voting problems, and you certainly should if you encounter any.

There is also a version en espanol available here: Ve Y Vota and the hotline is 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota (1-866-839-8682).

We also have a direct link to their site on our sidebar.

It's a very real possibility that anyone -- especially new voters and Obama voters -- may encounter problems voting this year. The stakes are high and there are people out there trying to discourage you and invalidate your vote. Do not allow this to happen! Report any irregularities and do not be intimidated!

Go! Learn!! Be Strong!!! Vote!!! Help Others to Vote!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!!