Friday, November 14, 2008

John McCain Campaigns for Reprehensible Saxby Chambliss in Georgia

In 18 days, voters in Georgia will vote in a run-off election between Republican incumbent Sen. Saxby Chambliss -- who won his seat after a dirty campaign which gleefully maligned Vietnam veteran and triple amputee, the very honorable Max Cleland -- and Democrat Jim Martin.

Wouldn't you know it, McCain, who soundly denounced Chambliss' 2002 tactics, flew specially down to Georgia yesterday to stump for Saxby. Saxby, let us not forget, is the guy who, before the election last week, tried rousing his supporters by direly warning that the "others" were coming out to vote and his people better get moving. Well, he needn't have worried. McCain carried Georgia except for the immediate Atlanta area.

Chambliss is everything that's bad, old, decayed, racist and pathetic about the Republican party. Please read this excellent article by Max Bernstein of The Huffington Post, entitled "In Georgia, McCain Saves the Worst for Last." If you can help Martin's campaign, there is a link in the article for more information how to do it.

Is this a look at the real McCain? You don't support a Southern hater like Chambliss without buying into his agenda. Sad, sad day for integrity, isn't it?

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