Saturday, November 29, 2008

Great Article about Creating a Liberal Media...Finally!

Check out this article by Robert Parry from Consortium News, reprinted on AlterNet, entitled "The Time Has Come to Create a Real 'Liberal Media'". Many good points are made, and of course he's completely correct about the myth of the Liberal Media being, well...a myth. It just isn't so. The Media is about making money. There's no philosophy there, it just seems like the big businessmen who runs these companies all turn into corporate fascists (if they didn't start out that way) because they are, of course, purely motivated by profit, and they've discovered a huge right-wing audience out there.

Right-wing media got its glitz when Rush Limbaugh became a huge personality, and I think until the Left has someone as compelling to its potential audience as Limbaugh was to the Right's, we'll always lag behind.

Fortunately I believe we do have the perfect rising star, with all the qualities, to become our Liberal version of a Limbaugh, and that's Rachel Maddow. She's got it all -- brains, telegenic (which Limbaugh isn't, so she can do radio and TV) plus she's funny, and comedy is something that the Left surely can claim as its own. We all need to support her, watch her MSNBC show, listen to her Air America broadcast, and spread the word about this delightful real Liberal media personality. (I don't mean to slight her MSNBC colleague Keith Olbermann, who is always terrific, too. They both rock!).

I've added links to The Daily Kos, Democracy Now! and Link TV in our sidebar, three consistently good sources for Liberal news and outlook that we should all be checking out on a regular basis. It's up to each of us to support these alternative outlets to the traditional and often biased and even downright crappy news sources.

Read the article -- it will get you thinking!

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Dean Treadway said...

Is there anybody on TV that's better than Rachel? No way! She's so fun to watch! And she's smart! And she's hot! I love her.