Sunday, November 2, 2008

Want to Read Something Really Scary???

Check out this article from Salon Magazine, detailing what happened during Palin's Halloween night rally in Pennsylvania. There's also a video of Palin supporters telling what they find so frightening about the idea of an Obama presidency, and what they think is comforting about the idea of a McCain/Palin administration.

It's the fear, folks, driving these voters. They're scared of what they think they know, they're scared of what they don't know, and they're scared of what they don't want to know. They're also throwing this whole thing into God's hands. Yikes.

Is this any way to run a country?? Seeing a word like "socialism" thrown around as a boogeyman scare is a sad comment indeed on the state of intellectual depth in the country. Michael Moore said it, but so many people just don't understand it. Why aren't they outraged at socialism for the rich?

It burns me up that some fat cat is getting a special break -- thanks to the obscene Bush tax policy -- that he or she certainly does not deserve. They rigged the system to throw things their way. They put the fix in and it's worked for the last eight years of Republican control.

On the other hand, the idea that someone with little to spare, struggling to make it in America, might benefit from a new, more-favorable-to-the-middle-class tax policy sounds just about right. How can these McCain/Palin people be so selfish? And the folks at the rallies aren't billionaires -- they're regular people, working for a living. Don't they realize that the only people who aren't getting a boost up from the Republicans are themselves?

What is it that causes people to vote against their own economic interest? I get why greedy Republicans -- the "Pocketbook Republicans" who are only in it for the money, not the ideology except as it pertains to lower taxes for them -- will stand under any tattered banner that makes them more money. They're just plain reprehensible decayed souls, but why would some middle-class hardworking citizen support the party that is dedicated to screwing them and making it cushier for the wealthy?

Of course, the Republicans will say ANYTHING to get the vote of those other folks -- there are more of them than there are of the billionaires. They need to bulk up the base, so out comes the bait to lure in the rest of the vulnerable voting groups. The anti-choice advocates, and the folks for whom the idea of two men kissing equals the end of the world, and the global warming contrarians, and the gun lovers, and prayer in school radicals, and anybody else they can figure out how to pander to -- they rope them in to fatten up the vote. That's where the campaign of fear really pays off. That's where Sarah Palin takes center stage. Cynical move? Not to the Republican strategists. It's Standard Operating Procedure for those dirty tricksters.

How many times do you have to be exploited before you finally get it? How many times do you have to find some rich guy's hand in your uniform pocket before you realize you're being robbed? What does it take to finally understand that you're being punked by a whole political party? How does it feel to be a willing chump? Do you just not feel it after a while? Do they somehow comfort themselves by praying that somehow things might get better some day? Well, they won't, not unless they do something brave and sensible and important -- vote for Obama.

If you know someone like this, talk to them. Try to make them see that they're being used. Their only hope is a change to someone who will truly pay attention to 90% of the people who haven't been on the Republicans special gimme list for the past eight years.

Their only hope -- our only hope -- is Barack Obama, or else it's more of the same -- and worse. That that's no idle fear. That's what's in store with another Republican regime. Remember, they haven't quite stolen everything from the country yet. Or plundered every program yet., Or corrupted every agency yet. Or appointed every ultra-conservative judge yet. But they will, and you know it.

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Go!!! Read!!! Talk to ANYONE about Barack Obama!!! Volunteer!!! Get the Vote Out Now!!! VOTE OBAMA!!!

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