Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stealing America: Vote by Vote -- You Must Watch This!

As I've written about here before, the very right to vote is up for grabs in America. Organizations such as Election Protection, Verified Voting Foundation, True Vote U.S., and bloggers like the courageous Brad Friedman from The Brad Blog have been tirelessly working to get out the word that there are people and parties out there who will tamper with your vote or try to keep you from even being able to vote at all

You must watch the documentary Stealing America: Vote by Vote. Go to their website here and you can watch the whole thing online. You have to make the time. I guarantee you will be depressed and enraged by the time it finishes, and then you have to figure out what you are going to do with that anger.

Visit the website for Stealing America: Vote by Vote and check here for screenings and TV broadcasts, including on Link TV.

The more you find out about this sorry state of affairs, the more worried you must become about the very notion of free elections in Americans. Privatizing voting machines? Counting votes is in the hands of private corporations? Nothing can change in America while elections are being manipulated.

What to do about this? Report anomalies, get everybody to show up and overwhelmly give a landslide of support to Obama. Stealing America's site has some suggestions for action. And then? See if America's system has any chance of being honest again. Gosh, but this is depressing stuff....

I will have more posts on this and check out this Brad Blog article for examples of what is happening in Tennessee right now and what you MUST do if it happens to you.

Go!! Watch!!! Be vigilant in protecting your right to vote!!! Volunteer for Obama-Biden!!!

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