Friday, October 17, 2008

Follow-up to Yesterday's Post about Roe v. Wade

Please read this excellent article from AlterNet -- "McCain Mocks Women's Health", written by Peggy Simpson -- expanding on the issues I brought up yesterday regarding McCain's views on choice for women.

McCain's hardly a "maverick" regarding Republican views on pro-choice matters (or anything else, as far as that goes), and he picked a running mate with an even more radical agenda on the subject. A McCain/Palin administration, wrong for so many reasons, would put chilling damper on the issue of women's choice for many years to come. Has there ever been so much at stake for women? This is not the time to be handing over the Presidency to a pair of radical anti-choice advocates.

Is the right thing for this country a pair of snide idealogues (though Palin's ideas as such are thinly-disguised Rovian stragegy ploys) who delight in mocking and bullying voters on these very important issues? Does McCain not realize that his words were intensely revealing and show a man whose contempt for women is quite possibly boundless? Ick. And then, when his party has many genuinely qualified women who could share a Presidential ticket and gather honest respect, he goes for the ex-beauty queen, governor of a hardly-typical state, a follower of tundra secessionists, a woman who displayed cronyism in her official appointments on a level that rivals George Bush, who's abused her power of office, who holds religious views that are so far out of the mainstream that even most evangelicals think she's way out there. McCain and his handlers have used Sarah Palin as bait to attract the semi-liberated woman, women who don't mind having a little money and power but ultimately defer to the males around them for acceptance.

And ladies, if you think they'll allow you to make your own choice about your own bodies when they're in power, think again. Those rights are toast.

This is genuinely scary stuff. I'm glad it got out there and it should change some people's minds.

Go! Read! Learn!! Volunteer for Obama/Biden!!!!

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