Sunday, October 12, 2008

Horrifying Developments from the McCain Campaign Drive, and A Sign of Sanity from the Senator

Uhhh....well, I must say, this is a sign of the old, fair-talking McCain. But at what cost? Just look at this and come to your own conclusions...

Of course, how else could McCain react in the face of such bald-faced, ass-picking ignorance? Nothing could be more truly frightening than the reactions of these supporters of his, which is surely a direct result of the McCain campaign's slander of Barack Obama in any and all ways. That includes Sarah Palin referring to him as "That One," her supporters referring to Obama while underlining his middle name Hussein, and campaign ads mentioning Obama's one-time appearance on the same stage as former 60s radical activist William Ayers.

This is the most sickening display of ignorance and hate since the pre-Civil Rights days. I personally am dumbfounded by these...well, let's call them what they are: fucking idiots. Look at the goober, duh-whaaaa??? faces of these people as McCain tries to put out the fires his campaign has started. Listen to the boos, and the sound of disappointment as McCain tries to quell their out-of-control fears, and tries to stick up for Obama's worth as a citizen and a candidate. One thing is worth saying: it even seems as if Senator McCain has had enough of this, that he knows he's done wrong on this campaign trail, and that he sees the writing on the wall: if his campaign continues on this path, and makes people fearful ENOUGH, we could have a situation that could erupt into violence against Barack Obama. And then McCain/Palin would quite visibly have blood on their hands. And, believe me, it would all then be over for the United States in more ways than one.

Here now is our girl, Rachel Maddow, and her piece on this extraordinary but somehow inevitable development:

And, finally, here are some warnings and encouraging words from presidential histoiran Doris Kearnes Goodwin, on the same show.

I'm not a praying man. But I will be praying for the safety every day of our candidate, Barack Obama. And, religious or not, right or left, you should keep him in your prayers, too. Thank you.


Lisa said...

Dean, a strong and ultimately lovely post and I feel the same way. I've been ill all week and unable to post -- really, too sick to even sit at the computer -- but am getting riled up again and will be posting soon! The rest of the world is looking at the U.S. and wondering what the hell happened to this great nation? The ignorant ugliness is rampant and if nothing else, a vote for McCain/Palin is supporting this descent into bigoted barbarism that will surely -- completely -- signal the end of America as anything other than a shithole for morons.

We need Obama/Biden SO much, for SO many reasons! And be safe, our amazing Presidential team!!!

Lisa said...

I finally watched all the videos. I do have to admire McCain for trying to tamp down his bloodthirsty crowds, but I don't know what you can do to help people who say things like "I am scared of Obama as President" or "He's an Arab." Does McCain look at his followers like this and think "is that all there is?" -- well, if you're sending Palin out to recruit for you, that's what you're gonna get. Pathetic.
I do blame everything on her clearly ultra-ambitious, say-and-do-anything-to-win strategy, promulgated of course by Rove and his assorted minions.
That 2nd clip -- the first Maddow -- almost made me cry. What the fuck is happening to America? Geez.
Help us Obama/Biden, You're Our Only Hope!