Wednesday, March 4, 2009

L.A. Times Article about Obama's Much-Needed Tax Reform Plan

The L.A. Times has a great article this morning about President Obama's tax plan and the resultant freak-out from Republicans who are apoplectic that their rich people's gravy train is being scuttled. As author Michael Hiltzik explains in detail, Obama's plans merely start to set right the affluent-skewed tax policies put into effect by Ronald Reagan. It wasn't always like this, where the rich get all the breaks and everybody else just takes it.

Republicans love to call Obama's ideas a "Class War". How come it's only a class war when the beleagured middle-class seeks some redress from the special treatment the Republicans lavished on the highest wage earners? The real "Class War" was the upper class turning the country into their private bank, extending special privileges to themselves and damn the rest of the country, individuals and infrastructure alike.

I'm sure you all are familiar with the Republican motto "I've Got Mine, Fuck You!" -- have you ever known it not to be true? Surely you remember that footage of George Bush at a dinner of fat cat money bags, standing up at the podium and loving referring to them as "my base". These guys didn't even TRY to hide their bias. These "Pocketbook Republicans" turn my stomach and surely need, at this desperate time, to be reminded that it's time to pay their fair share.

So President Obama is trying to make things right again. Please read Hiltzin's article and send it around to people who just might not get it, just might not remember a time when people paid their fair share and it wasn't only about the rich getting richer.

I am so proud of President Obama for taking this step. He's getting a lot of flack for trying to change things, but we must support him in this!

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