Friday, March 13, 2009

Tax Rates for the Rich -- The Whole Story

Finally, a succinct repudiation of all the Republican nonsense complaining about Obama's slight raising of the tax rates of the richest Americans. As we all remember, our parents paid a LOT more income taxes than anybody does these days, as you can see with this excellent chart from The Washington Monthly which has just been widely distributed by MoveOn.Org.

Move.On challenges the critics calling Obama's plan "socialist" for moving even a bit towards righting the enormous con job the wealthiest citizens foisted on the rest of the country when they got their rates slashed almost in half. Move.On cites the following sources for recent articles about this issue, and all are worth a read. And then look at that chart. History doesn't lie...Republicans do.

1. "A socialist? Obama calls back to insist no," The International Herald Tribune, March 8, 2009
2. "Tax Cuts," The New York Times, February 26, 2009
3. "Soaking the Rich (Redux)," The Washington Monthly, March 8, 2009

Pass this information along to your friends who don't get it. They're just plain wrong about this issue.

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