Monday, March 23, 2009

Popular Opinion Starting to Stack Up Against Obama's Plan

As much as many of us voted for Obama and are inclined to back him up, this whole Wall Street/AIG Bonus/Failing Economy situation is starting to turn to shit. Writers, politicians, economists and just plain folks are starting to despair about the President's plan to deal with the current crisis.

For an excellent overview of the dire straits the country is in, and what Obama is going to face if this whole mess goes completely south, read this excellent article by Don Hazen from AlterNet entitled "The Voters' Uprising: President Obama What Are You Thinking?". You won't feel good after reading it, I guarantee you.

Be sure to also read William Greider's article from The Washington Post, and this from Frank Rich of The New York Times. These are gentlemen who want Obama to succeed, and they're not liking what's transpiring these days. And I hope you're also keeping up with Paul Krugman's always astute commentary on his blog for The New York Times. He's not very happy, either.

These are tough times, and Obama must step up to be the kind of President we voted for.

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