Sunday, February 22, 2009

President Obama Visits Canada!

Well, he came, he saw, and Canada fell in love with him!

Please take a look at this great photo gallery with images from President Obama's visit to Ottawa this past Wednesday!

Obama was a HUGE hit, getting a warm and enthusiastic welcome from people gathered on Parliament Hill and those who were lucky enough to be in town when he stopped on the way back to Air Force One to do a little shopping. He even made Stephen Harper look good, and he's pretty charmless. Great press conference, too!

Here's some neat video of his walk down a corridor and saying hello to some staffers waiting for him!

Here's another really nice video illustrated with stills from his visit, set to Springsteen music!

And here's another wonderful video of his arrival, set to Canadian hip hop!

Wow! As an American living in Canada, boy, does this make me proud and happy!

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