Thursday, February 5, 2009

Complete and Utter Bastards on Wall Street

Pursuant to my previous post, here's an excellent follow-up article in today's Los Angeles Times surmising how the greedy scum on Wall Street will be scheming to get around President Obama's new rules concerning executive pay for bailed-out financial institutions.

As if anybody still harbored any illusions that these money folks worked for anybody's good but their own, their recent behaviour and outraged reaction to Obama's more-than-sensible edict certainly illuminates the character of those folks who inhabit the offices of Wall Street.

Is there any hope, really, to change things? The psychology of people who chose to work with the manipulation of money as a way to make a living has to be different from the rest of us. What else could it be but greed? And if it is more benign, complicated, or less obvious than that, you wouldn't know it from what's happening these past few days.

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