Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, Religious Extremist

Just in case you thought that maybe she wasn't as much a zealot as has been reported, please read this article from the Los Angeles Times and a commentary on it from AlterNet by Rachel Weiner, originally on the Huffington Post.

I could not resist putting in the little photo from the Creation Museum, with a little girl sharing a picnic with a dinosaur. Ridiculous? Not to Sarah Palin and her ilk.

Do you have any idea how the rest of the world feels about the U.S. these days? We're a friggin' joke. Our Reaganomics have crashed, we've got a fringe religious fanantic sharing a presidential ticket, and still 20% or so of the citizens think George Bush has done a good job. Unbelievable....

Read! Learn! Think! Volunteer!!!

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