Monday, September 29, 2008

It's No Laughing Matter

Take a look at this clip from CNN about the SNL Sarah Palin skit:

It's all well and good to find the SNL skit funny -- and it was -- but we can't forget that this woman is on the Republican Presidential ticket. Suddently it's not so funny anymore. We can't forget that their Presidential candidate is the oldest man on any ticket ever, and that this woman is a heartbeat away -- a 72-year-old beating heart away -- from being the leader of United States. We can't forget that this woman is a right-wing religious extremist who was chosen to herd the religious right back into the Republican party, and she's done it. We can't forget that John McCain and the Republicans want the White House so badly that they would put someone like Sarah Palin -- and it is here that we must clearly point to her embarrassing and revealing appearances on television -- on the ticket just to pander to a certain faction of their base.

This is anything but funny. It's blood-chillingly frightening. It's horrifying. It means that we have to fight and fight and fight and fight to keep this dangerous Republican ticket out of the White House.

Please also catch up with all the articles on AlterNet and the other sources in our web links regarding the first Presidential Debate. Though the popular opinion is that Obama "won" -- whatever that means -- don't forget for a second that McCain and Palin's followers love that war-mongering talk and the belligerant, bullying and condescending behavior that McCain showed towards Obama. The more McCain acts like someone who would be dangerous in the White House, the more his supporters think he's just perfect for the job.

This election is dead serious stuff.

Go! Watch! Read! Volunteer!!!!

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