Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can I Say I'm Sick of Hearing About --

-- Sarah Palin's alleged skilled juggling of career and motherhood? That's kid stuff. What really takes skill is finding quality time for all the wolf-slaughtering, and book-banning and climate-change denying! Takes quite a gal to keep her head firmly planted in the Middle Ages...did I mention she's against stem cell research, too?

And fie on any former Hillary-supporter who would even dare think about supporting McCain's backwards-thinking zealot just because she's a woman. Do you not understand that she's the polar opposite of everything that Hillary stood for and believes in? Supporting any woman, right or wrong, is not what grrrl power is all about, ladies. You have to use your heads, too; it's about more than just sharing the same female body organs. Get a grip.


Karen said...

I agree with you 100%! It is disturbing that so many people, especially women, vote with their "feelings" instead of really looking at what the issues are and what the candidates stand for.

Dean Treadway said...

You tell em, Lisa!!!!

Lisa said...

The only thing I "feel" about Sarah Palin is astonishment that anything she says could be appealing to anyone except right wing fanatics. Oops...I forgot...Republicans *are* right wing fanatics, aren't they?

If any women, save those with her extreme views, are attracted to her simply because she's a woman, it makes of mockery of women's suffrage. You're supposed to vote with your brains, not your ovaries!