Monday, August 18, 2008

We Can't Stand It Anymore

The lies, the patronizing rhetoric, the war-mongering bullshit...John McCain simply cannot be President. Did you see him at the Rick Warren event? McCain pandered to the audience at every opportunity.

Does America need a President who jokes about being a multi-millionaire when the country is deep in a worsening financial crisis, thanks in part to Bush's tax plan which favors the rich?

Does America need a President who mocks a scientific study on bears when his Party has led us into a false war costing billions upon billions of dollars, and the lives of loyal Americans?

Does America need a President who's so far in the pocket of Big Oil, just like the current Prez, that all he couldn't wait to advocate for offshore drilling to make his contributors happy and even more rich?

Does America need a President who says he supports faith-based services, such as those offering aid in the aftermath of Katrina, forgetting that it was the current Republican administration who callously and murderously bungled the relief effort because of their incompetence and corruption?

It's shocking that this man is still as popular as he is. Does America never learn?


Dean Treadway said...

Once a question came down the pike, he certainly wasted no time in offering the most predictable answers possible. What is the one thing he regrets voting for or against? Oh, of drilling!!! (Cue applause). And when does life begin? Oh, naturally, at the moment of conception! (Maybe we should all add nine months to our our age and change the song to Happy Conception Day, rather than Happy Birthday...wait, that would necessitate explaining to kids what conception is!! And then we'd have to talk about sex!!! You can hear the freepers screaming now!!!) And what shall we define as rich? $5 million! If you have $4 million, hey, you're solidly middle-class, my good buddy! Please, fuckin' gimme a break!!!!

Lisa said...

I was offended and depressed by McCain's pandering and the subsequent applause that greeted every one of his cliched, completely right-wing and playing to the crowd answers. Unbelievable and pathetic.

Lisa said...

And now it's come out that he actually was not in a "cone of silence" and may have been listening to Obama's questions and answers. I guess it would help to know the questions if you're going to think up some incredibly bland platitudes to throw out there.

Dean Treadway said...

Of course he heard them!!!! He spent zero time thinking of his answers. He was right on top of them. That's why they had Obama go first. Obama actually thought about his answers, on his feet! McCain just reverted to the platitudes he'd been handed by his puppetmasters.