Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Attack Dog

I was looking at some pre-Vice Prez bid footage of Joe Biden and came across the exact clip that illustrates why Obama wisely chose him as a running mate this week. The following piece was posted on YouTube on March 14, 2007. Senator Biden is responding to Senator John McCain, who has most likely just gotten done with pushing the military surge in Iraq farther, the way his puppetmaster neocons want him to go. In his 6-minute response, Biden is positively frothing at the mouth in saying what all of us against the war would want to say had we the pulpit and the wherewithal. Well, here we see a Joe Biden that has both, and he is a formidable opponent when it comes to straight, forceful talking; it is a magnificent political moment, and it's on the record! You could feel the shame in the room, emanating from those who promote this war for personal or political gain. Go, Joe!

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