Monday, August 18, 2008

Kick it up a notch, 'Bam!

I wanted to have my first post on this wonderful new blog be something positive and funny. After all, those are two areas in which the Democrats cannot be rivaled. So I'm starting off with my favorite of the campaign songs composed by his supporters, all of whom are fine and creative patriots. But The Du-Tels--Gods and Monsters frontman Gary Lucas (formerly of Captain Beefheart) and Holy Modal Rounder Peter Stampfel--are pretty hard to beat, given their legendary pedigrees. Their simple song is catchy, perfect for thousands of vocalists to sing in unison, and it's got a hilarious video. Their song, "Obama," was recorded in New Orleans for The Du-Tel's upcoming album produced by Mark Bingham. Filmed on 8/9/08 in Greenwich Village NYC, the video is strikingly directed by Jill A. Black and edited by Mario Gonzalez. You can download the song for free at Have a good time, but think while you're doing it. And get motivated to go out and vote come November. Every vote--EVERY VOTE--will count!! For those who don't already believe, please take this as a fun but serious warning to start waking up!!!

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