Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hillary Supporters Who Won't Vote for Obama?

What?! Are they nuts?! I've read/seen that some say they're so disgruntled they'll vote for McCain?? Huh?!? They'd throw their Democratic ideals out the window and support the other side, just because they're disgruntled in some way?

That's supporting your party, all right. You don't get everything you want, and so you try to get back by going to the other side? Sorry, that's insane and if you're doing that, you're a disgrace. If you are so perturbed that Hillary didn't get the nom, and you think it's because she's a woman -- you'd go and vote for the guy who's staunchly anti-choice?? Ladies, get a grip.

Every time I hear about this I go nuts. If you're bugged because you can't tell your daughter that she can be President unless Hillary is, get over it. If you have been waiting forever for a woman to be President, get over it. It'll happen eventually. Chill out for now, and for pete's sake, put on your Obama gear and get out there to campaign. There are so many more things at stake in this election -- and all of them are more important -- than some sense of female solidarity. Sheesh....

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Dean Treadway said...

Godamn fuckin' right on, Lisa! Go preach it on the mount!!!