Friday, April 3, 2009

Robert Reich on LinkTV!

Please make a point of catching progressive TV network Link TV's broadcast of Robert Reich's speech from January of this year, entitled Robert Reich: 2009 Economic Forecast. Reich is a brilliant mind and a terrifically entertaining and engaging speaker, and this presentation is a must for anyone in contemplation about the present state of the economy. Of course, this speech was given in January to the Commonwealth Club of California, and current events have changed things, but listening to this wise man is always an education and we will come out of it smarter.

Visit the Link TV website to find out all the upcoming broadcast times, and there are several this weekend! Don't miss this chance to hear one of the most thoughtful and decent Americans out there, sharing his impeccable and compassionate vision. Neither a Pollyanna nor a Chicken Little, as he terms the two extremes of how people are viewing today's economic outlook, Reich is refreshing, enlightened, ultimately (sort of) upbeat, and also bracing. He will make you think.

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