Saturday, April 4, 2009

Add These Traitorous Dems to the List of Shame

According to this new article on AlterNet, ten Democrats came together to support the wrong side on this issue -- 'Ten Conservative 'Democrats' Vote for Bill that Protects the Children of Multimillionaires". Please read this, note the names, and write to them to protest their total disregard of Democratic ideals, and also write to President Obama to protest this and urge him to veto this bill. It's a horrifying slap in the face of most Americans. With the economy tumbling into hell in the U.S., all these Senators could think of to fight for was the further aggrandizement of the ultra-rich.

Shocking. Disgusting.

Here are the links to the Senators' websites. Don't forget about the two from my previous post.

Senator Patty Murray, Washington -- what is it about Washington state? Two turncoat Dem women? Ugh!

Senator Bill Nelson, Florida -- and his website is plastered with photos of him and Obama!

Senator Mark Pryor, Arkansas -- the article yesterday had his Arkansas colleague fingered, too.

Senator Jon Tester, Montana -- what's with Montana, also?

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