Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not Happy About Obama Continuing Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

I have to agree completely with this article by Marie Cocco, reprinted on, entitled "Obama to Continue Bush's Tax-Cutting Orgy". I have to say that I think this word coming out --that he isn't going to repeal Bush's outrageous benefits to the wealthiest Americans -- is a huge disappointment and somewhat of a betrayal of a principal reason many of us embraced Obama. We were hoping for a return to fairness.

I still am thrilled that he will be the new President in a little less than two weeks, but with the economy foremost in many people's minds, the signal it sends to NOT clearly reject Bush's morally-corrupt and obviously ineffective tax break, is not a heartening one.

I hope that he will reconsider this move, after public opinion and that of economic experts weigh in on this very telling change in philosophy. Come on, man, don't disappoint us!

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